• Road test : Vespa S

    Road test : Vespa S

    The word premium is well known in the Indian passenger car industry but the same cannot be said for the Indian scooter industry. Now, through various marketing activities people are being exposed to the world of luxury scooters; credit goes to Piaggio, the Italian automaker who got its premium scooter brand, Vespa in India in 2011. But prior to them, Kinetic was the only company that offered us the premium Blaze scooter which failed because of its price, bad quality and not-so good service backup. This example didn’t stop Vespa from launching their first scooter in India, the LX 125, in 2011. The sales were quite decent and the company gave us the disc brake variant, the VX 125. But the Italian scooter manufacturer didn’t stop there. Their thirst to make most of the segment resulted in the launch of the Vespa S, the most expensive scooter in India. 

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