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TVS Eurogrip Protorq Extreme and Remora Tyres Track Review

19 October 2022, 06:49 PM Anuj Mishra



TVS Srichakra’s, TVS Eurogrip brand has grown substantially since its inception in 2019. The company currently has tyres ranging from those suitable for scooters to 300-400cc motorcycles. And the brand isn’t seeming to slow down as it’s prepping to revamp its portfolio by launching a new range of fresh rubbers soon. And these products are meant for two-wheelers spread across different segments like electric scooters and high-end superbikes. 

To give us a comprehensive overview of its recent developments, TVS Eurogrip recently invited us to the Madras Motor Race Track for a meet and greet session, which it likes to call Tread Talks. Interestingly, talking was not the only activity the itinerary comprised, as we were also given the opportunity to ride around the race track and experience a pair of TVS Eurogrip tyres. 

The Tyres

Left Side View

The tyres we got to do laps on were the Remora at the front and the Protorq Extreme at the rear. And these were shod on the TVS Apache RTR 200 4V race-spec bikes, which Petronas TVS Racing uses for its One-Make Championship races. Also, TVS’ racing division uses the same bikes for the Young Media Racer Program, which I had the fortune to be a part of in 2020 and had immense fun with. 

Coming back to the tyres, the Remora rubber I had on my bike was a 90/90 section unit with a diameter of 17-inch. This boasts of a cross-ply construction with a round profile and unique treat pattern for efficient water channelling in wet conditions while delivering good traction and aiding quick direction changes. The Protorq Extreme, meanwhile, is one of the most important products in the brand’s portfolio. It’s their flagship series majorly suitable for small-size performance motorcycles like the KTM 390 Duke and the TVS Apache RR310

Front Tyre

Similar to the Remora, the Protorq Extreme too comprises grooves designed for optimum traction and water drainage abilities. However, the main highlight is its inner radial construction - the carcass is wrapped with steel belts placed at zero degree to the direction of rotation. TVS Europgrip says the overall construction of the tyre is meant to deliver superior traction for cornering, straight-line stability, and braking. And we strongly agree with TVS Eurogrip as Vikrant and I have been using these tyres on our personal bikes and the results have been impressive. Now, we have been using wider 150/60 section HR variant tyres while the ones the Apache RTR 200 race bikes had were much slimmer 110/70 section XF variant units. 

The Experience


The fact that I had raced one whole season of TVS’ YMRP championship meant getting used to the motorcycle’s dynamics and engine character wasn’t an issue. In fact, I am the most confident on the Apache 200 around MMRT. However, the tyres we ran in those races, the rear, in particular, had a wider section as compared to these. And the difference was quite telling the moment I rode out of the pits.

Front View

The motorcycle felt extremely tippy and eager to lean. A slight input to the handlebar and the motorcycle tipped without even the slightest reluctance which, to be honest, was a bit unnerving on an open track. Hence, I had to keep my inputs smoother and more progressive. Also, my judgement said the tyres require at least one full lap to get warmed enough to allow me to push harder. So, the first lap was spent getting used to the bike’s behavior and letting the rubbers heat up.


Now, during the second lap, I entered C1 at a little faster pace without rolling off the throttle much. Despite this corner being bumpy and the bike wallowing a bit, the tyres held on to the surface without squirming around.  This was followed by braking hard into C2 and C3 and the front retained its composure, instilling an abundance of confidence. By the time I charged into the following corners and commenced the third lap, I had already gotten along well with the slim tyre’s agile responses. 


With each consecutive lap, I not only started braking later into corner entries but also kept rolling on the throttle earlier at exits and the feedback and grip from the tyres never betrayed my trust. Well, my skills might not be honed enough to exploit the full potential of these tyres. But my fellow journos, who are way faster and more aggressive around the track, too felt that these rubbers are phenomenal in terms of grip and feel. 

Tyre Details

Front Tyre

Model: TVS Eurogrip Remora TL

Size: 90/90-17

Price: Rs 1,914

Rear Tyre

Model: TVS Eurogrip Protorq Extreme HF

Size: 110/70-17

Price: Rs 4,765