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Triumph announces its new electric motorcycle project

15 May 2019, 07:00 PM Anuj Mishra
Triumph announces its new electric motorcycle project

- Is called the ‘Project Triumph TE-1’

- Will be a two-year project

- Triumph has partnered with three UK-based organisations

Triumph Motorcycles has announced its plan to venture into the field of electric mobility under a new project christened as the ‘Project Triumph TE-1.’ The company has announced its partnership with three UK-based organisations for the same which include Williams Advanced Engineering, Integral Powertrain and WMG – The University of Warwick. 

The Project Triumph TE-1 will be a two-year campaign solely focused on developing technologies on which the future Triumph electric motorcycles will be based. To achieve this, each of the four companies have a particular set of roles to play. Triumph itself will deliver the motorcycle chassis design, power delivery characteristics and manufacturing process. Meanwhile, Williams Advanced Engineering will look after the designing and development of the motorcycle battery, Integral Powertrain will create the motor while WMG will be responsible for providing the electrification expertise and executing the R&D related to the market requirements. Besides the four partners, Innovate UK, a government agency, will be managing the fund-related affairs.

Details about the electric motorcycle under development as scarce. However, according to the Triumph CEO Nick Bloor, the company’s main focus is to develop a bike with a good mix of handling, performance and usability. While reports are rife about combustion motorcycle manufacturers like Ducati and Kawasaki entering into the electric bike space, this is the first time Triumph has officially made such an announcement. Since the Triumph TE-1 is a two-year project, expect the final production model of an electric bike to be revealed sometime by 2021. However, we might witness a concept design being showcased in the coming days. 

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