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Harley-Davidson’s most affordable electric bike has been unveiled!

12 May 2022, 10:07 AM Pratheek Kunder
Harley-Davidson’s most affordable electric bike has been unveiled!

-         S2 Del Mar unveiled 

-         Gets 160kms riding range 

-         No fast-charging facility 

Harley-Davidson’s electric bike company – LiveWire has unveiled its most affordable electric bike yet and has the name S2 Del Mar. The Del Mar is built around the company’s new Arrow platform that allows the company to create a new model just by changing the motor, battery and electronics. The S2 Del Mar will eventually be joined by more EVs, thanks to the Arrow platform. 

Harley-Davidson  Right Side View

The Del Mar is being positioned as a cool city bike that has a riding range of around 160kms on a single charge. The electric motor on the Del Mar is rated for 80bhp (60 kW) which makes it 20 per cent less powerful than the LiveWire One - the brand's first EV. This bike is also 25 per cent lighter and that means the EV can do 0-100kph in 3.5 seconds. In terms of features, this LiveWire gets built-in GPS and internet connectivity that will be used for OTA updates. Sadly, the Del Mar won’t get fast charging as it is only limited to level-1 and 2 charging modes. 

To make this event more special, the American brand also unveiled a limited edition model. Sadly, all the 100 models were booked within 18 minutes. The standard Del Mar is expected to retail at Rs 11.61 lakh, whereas the special edition was launched at Rs 13.63 lakh. The bookings have begun and the deliveries are expected to begin by June.  

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