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Bikes We Tested in April 2022: The BikeWale Podcast

09 May 2022, 01:09 PM Anuj Mishra
Bikes We Tested in April 2022: The BikeWale Podcast

As motorcycle journalists, testing bikes is one of the core aspects of our job and we undoubtedly love doing it. And the month of April was amazing in that sense as it brought along a host of new bikes for us to test. There was quite some variety; from a limited-edition Apache to a scooter worth as much as Rs 12 lakh. What more could we have asked for! In the latest episode of the BikeWale Podcast, Anuj and Neil give a lowdown of all the bikes we tested in April. The Spotify link to the episode is attached below:

Bikes We Tested In April 2022 | S2: Ep 6 | The BikeWale Podcast

Right Side View

One of the most interesting two-wheelers we tested last month was the TVS Apache RTR 165 RP. Now, this was a limited edition model and we say ‘was’ because all the 200 units have already been sold out. So, if you want to buy it, you can either look for one in the used bike market or wait for TVS to introduce another slot, which seems unlikely. The motorcycle gets a bunch of changes over the Apache RTR 160 4V, the motorcycle it is based on. But have these changes made it special enough to justify the hefty premium it demands over the standard RTR 160 4V. Listen to the aforementioned episode to find out.

Not only this, the BMW C 400 GT was another exotic juggernaut we got our hands upon. Besides its ex-showroom price of Rs 10.40 lakh, there’s so much more going on about the scooter, all of which we have discussed in the podcast. 

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