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Yamaha Neo’s electric scooter breaks cover

04 March 2022, 03:30 PM Anuj Mishra
Yamaha Neo’s electric scooter breaks cover

- Yamaha unveils Neo’s electric scooter

- Equivalent of a 50cc ICE scooter

Yamaha has moved a step ahead into the future of mobility by revealing a couple of its upcoming electric two-wheelers. The first one of these to hit the production line and reach dealerships will be the Neo’s electric scooter. 

The Neo’s is essentially an equivalent of a 50cc petrol-powered scooter with similar performance on offer. It’s based on the E02 concept that the brand had showcased at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. For the uninitiated, Yamaha already has a 50cc ICE scooter with the name Neo’s that has been quite popular in select international markets. 

Yamaha  Right Side View

Although the top speed of the Neo’s will be suitable for urban commuting, the list of features on offer and the design are quite attractive and youthful. It runs on a hub-mounted electric motor which is powered by a swappable lithium-ion battery pack. Yamaha might also be working on setting up battery swapping stations since it signed a related deal with KTM, Piaggio, and Honda last year.

The Yamaha Neo’s electric scooter will start reaching the dealerships abroad in the next few months. Moreover, with major brands like Suzuki and Hero prepping to enter the EV territory in India, it won’t be long before Yamaha too joins them. 

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