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TVS Eurogrip unveils new tyres for Indian market

22 May 2022, 11:06 AM Suvil Susvirkar
TVS Eurogrip unveils new tyres for Indian market

- Will offer tyres across various segments

- E Torq range designed for electric scooters

- Tyres planned to be introduced over next three years

TVS Eurogrip is planning to offer a wider range of tyre choices to its customers in India. The company recently invited us to the Tread Talks event, where we got an insight into its plans for the Indian market. TVS Eurogrip also showcased a wide range of tyres that are either already available or scheduled to arrive over the next three years.

First on the list is the Bee Connect which targets the urban commuting segment of the Indian market. This product was launched in 2021 and the company currently has 43 sizes ready. The list will be further expanded by 12 more sizes that are currently under development. The Bee Connect is available for a wide range of vehicles and the tyre diameters range between 10 inches and 17 inches. Apart from the Bee Connect, the company is also offering the Protorq Extreme tyres in the country. This series has been revamped for 2022 and it is designed for sporty motorcycles in the 150-400cc range. It’s available in a single size for the front and the back.

TVS  Front View

The tyres mentioned above are already available in the country. Meanwhile, the list of upcoming products includes several tyres designed for different segments of motorcycles. The Climber XC brand, for example, is designed for off-road-focussed motorcycles. These tyres will be available for MX and Enduro motorcycles from 2022 and are currently ready in four sizes. The company is working on nine more options under this series. The rear is available in 18-inch or 19-inch diameter while the front is only listed in 21-inch size.

The company will also offer the Road Hound range that targets performance motorcycles in the middleweight segment and the Duratrail and Beamer series that aim at urban series bikes. Lastly, the company has announced a scooter tyre that is designed for electric scooters. Christened as E Torq, this tyre features a special tread pattern that mimics the circuit board.

TVS  Front View

While the exact launch dates are not available, the company stated that these products are scheduled to arrive over the next three years.

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