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Top reasons to choose adventure tourer over cruiser: The BikeWale Podcast

24 August 2021, 06:27 PM Anuj Mishra
Top reasons to choose adventure tourer over cruiser: The BikeWale Podcast

Riders who love to tour over long distances are often found stuck in the dilemma of choosing between cruisers and adventure tourers. Well, both have their pluses and minuses, and finding it hard to pick one is understandable. However, if you ask us, one of these is surely better than the other in many ways. And we tell you if that one is an ADV or a cruiser in the fourteenth episode of The BikeWale Podcast. The Spotify link to the show has been attached below:

Cruisers vs Adventure Tourers: Which one to choose for long-distance rides? | Episode 14 | The BikeWale Podcast

One of the main reasons why a lot of riders admire cruisers is because of their accessible seat height. A person even with relatively short stature can easily mount them. Another enticing trait of cruisers is the boss-like riding position they offer. You sit in a laid-back position with your hands and legs stretched out in front of you. They have a unique charm of their own.

However, are these reasons enough to blindly shell out your hard-earned money on cruisers? Think again, adventure tourers come into their element exactly where cruisers start struggling. And ADVs make all the more sense in a country like India where potholes and large speed bumps come as a part and parcel for travellers on the road. Well, apart from adventure-oriented components, there’s more to ADVs. Tune in to this episode for a detailed explanation of the same. 

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