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Swedish brand Cake shows off-road electric bikes at Auto Expo 2023

19 January 2023, 07:34 PM Anuj Mishra
Swedish brand Cake shows off-road electric bikes at Auto Expo 2023

- Cake showcases its Kalk off-road electric bikes

- Intends to launch them in India

- Seeking an Indian partner as of now

The Auto Expo 2023 witnessed the participation of a host of electric two-wheeler manufacturers. While most of these were India-based brands, there were a few foreign companies as well. The latter category included one from Sweden which goes by the name Cake and this delectable-sounding brand showcased its Kalk range of two-wheelers at the Expo. 

Right Side View

Cake’s Kalk series of two-wheelers includes the Kalk :Work patrolling bike and the Kalk& street bike. The most interesting aspect about these two-wheelers is that they boast adventure-worthy components and dimensions. Both of them look minimalistic as they incorporate barely any body panels. All you can see is the triangular chassis holding the battery pack accompanied by other crucial cycle parts. Interestingly, the seat is a flat motocross-style unit while the tyres are proper knobbies. Both models offer a tall ground clearance of 300mm which should help it cross almost any size of obstacles. 

Left Side View

The top speed and battery range of both Kalk offerings are the same at 90kmph and 86km, respectively. The propulsion motor is capable of producing 14.75bhp and 252Nm of peak torque. There are certain differences though. The Kalk& is lighter at 79kg, rides on 19-inch wheels, and the suspension travel is 202mm. On the hand, the Kalk :Work rides on smaller 18-inch wheels with a weight of 83kg and travel of 200m for its springs. 

Cake wants to sell its products in India and set up an assembly and manufacturing plant here. However, that might take about two years to happen as the company is looking for an India-based partner as of now.

Photography: Kapil Angane and Kaustubh Gandhi 

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