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Mumbai Traffic Police mandates helmets for pillions too

26 May 2022, 03:38 PM Pratik Bhanushali
Mumbai Traffic Police mandates helmets for pillions too

- The new norm will be implied 15 days after 25 May

- A penalty of Rs 500 or suspension of the license may be done as a punishment 

-The new rule has been freshly introduced in Mumbai

In a bid to amp-up road safety for two-wheel riders, Mumbai Traffic Police has made the use of helmets compulsory for both, the rider and the pillion. The new norm was introduced yesterday, 25 May and will be in action from 9 June.

As per Motor Vehicle Act (MVA), anyone failing to abide by the new rule will face a penalty of Rs 500. Furthermore, the rider’s license could also be suspended for a period of three months. Not to mention, the helmet has to meet ISI certification as well. As of now, the rule has only been mandated in a handful of cities including Mumbai, Bengaluru, Jaipur and more.

While the said rule was on paper for a while, its implementation happened just now. But how well will the public receive it will be seen in the near future. So far, a lot of riders have been avoiding the use of helmets which has resulted in major injuries during accidents.

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