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Auto Expo 2023: Liger Mobility unveils auto-balancing electric scooters

11 January 2023, 02:04 PM Suvil Susvirkar
Auto Expo 2023: Liger Mobility unveils auto-balancing electric scooters

- To be sold in two variants

- Bookings to open in mid-2023

- Deliveries are expected to start in late 2023

Liger Mobility has unveiled the Liger X and Liger X+ electric scooters at the ongoing Auto Expo 2023. Both electric scooters feature the company’s patented AutoBalancing technology that enables the products to balance automatically. This feature is aimed to enhance rider safety, comfort, and convenience. The AutoBalancing System is intended to help the rider balance the scooters at low speeds or when the vehicle is stationary. The rider can also has also manually activate and deactivate the AutoBalancing function.

Apart from AutoBalancing, the Liger X and Liger X+ come with the ReverseRide and Learner mode functions. The former lets the rider reverse the electric scooter using the engine power. Meanwhile, the Learner mode capitalises on AutoBalancing along with limiting the speed of the vehicle. The company will also deliver over-the-air updates (OTA) to further enhance the product.

Left Side View

Speaking about the new products, Ashutosh Upadhyay, Co-founder, Liger Mobility, said that all aspects of Liger X and Liger X+’s AutoBalancing technology, including the hardware and software, have been developed in-house. Vikas Poddar, Co-founder, Liger Mobility, added that the AutoBalancing technology promises to further catalyse the electric revolution.

The new Liger X and Liger X+ will be available in five colours – Grey, Polar White, Blue, Titanium, and Red. Both variants will boast a top speed of 65kmph. However, the models will differ in terms of range. The company claims that the Liger X will deliver a range of 60km while the Liger X+ is said to offer a range of 100km. Do note that both scooters use liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery packs.

Right Side View

The Liger X comes with a detachable battery pack that takes a charging time of 3 hours. Meanwhile, the Liger X+ uses an in-built non-detachable battery and takes 4.5 hours to charge completely. The company will offer fast charging options for both variants at additional cost. These variants also boast 4G and GPS connectivity and come with a dedicated application. Moreover, they get LED lighting and a TFT display that shows turn-by-turn navigation.

The bookings for the new Liger X and Lifer X+ will start around mid-2023 while the deliveries are expected to commence later in the year.

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