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9 things to know about motorcycle journalism: The BikeWale Podcast

26 November 2021, 03:11 PM Anuj Mishra
9 things to know about motorcycle journalism: The BikeWale Podcast

A lot of people in India and across the globe perceive motorcycle journalism as a very glamorous and easy-going profession. Most of the attention is always cast on our rides to some glorious locations and the attractive pictures that are posted in magazines or online. And these are the top reasons for a lot of people wanting to get into this industry. However, motorcycle journalism is so much more than just riding fancy bikes and getting yourself photographed. 

The 25th episode of the BikeWale Podcast is all about enlightening aspiring journalists about the nitty-gritty of this niche. And to do that in the best way possible, we got Abhishek Nigam on our show who’s been a motoring journalist for about 13 years. At present, he’s one of the major pillars of the CarWale and BikeWale editorial team. Intrigued? The Spotify link to this episode is attached below. 

How To Become Motorcycle Journalist? | Episode 25 | The BikeWale Podcast

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We have essentially covered nine of the most common questions we come across about motorcycle journalism. We have discussed everything, starting from the type of qualification and skill required, to the pay scale of freshers and veterans. We have also touched upon the difference between working for a print publication to an online media house. Furthermore, what qualities distinguish a great motorcycle journalist from an average one. And there’s so much more! Do not forget to listen to the 25th episode to get all the dope. 

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