ABS compulsory for European motorcycles from 2016

23 November 2012, 11:30 AM Pratheek Kunder
ABS compulsory for European motorcycles from 2016


A German study has indicated that of a total of 610 motorcycle-car impacts, 65 per cent occurred due to motorcycling braking. Among these, 19 per cent riders fell from their motorcycle. As a result of this, the European Union has made ABS compulsory for all motorcycles in Europe above 125cc from 2016 onwards. This still needs to be approved by the council of ministers. 

The main aim of introducing this rule is to cut down motorcycle accidents drastically. Manufactures are not really happy about this as installation of ABS on these motorcycles will incur additional cost but the economies of scale should help bring the cost down.

The Honda CBR250R and TVS Apache RTR 180 ABS are the only motorcycles manufactured in India that are available with ABS. Rules like this will take some time to be implemented in India, and we're sure that the way to increased safety legislation will be paved by the four-wheelers (as it has in Europe) and the enforcing of the helmet law.

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