Race Sense makes sense for racers

08 November 2012, 05:42 PMCharles Pennefather
Race Sense makes sense for racers

If you're the kind who loves your vehicles and gadgets, this is going to get you excited. Just like the Torque app that lets you look behind the scenes at what your car is doing, the Race Sense app takes data from a smartphone's sensors and quantifies it for later consumption. Result? You can analyse the data for better performance, say, around a race track. 

How Race Sense does this is simple: it uses the phone's accelerometers, GPS and inclinometer to get data on braking force, lean angles, speed and, if you're on a racetrack, location onto Google Maps. The readings will undoubtedly help in analysing where the key to improvements lie. Currently teams have no choice but to depend on horrendously expensive (but admittedly accurate) GPS-based devices to do this job. 

The app has been developed with help from Australian Moto2 racer Anthony West, who has invested his own money into developing the app. He has teamed up with an Italian programmer and motorcycle rider who is writing a similar program for a Japanese drifting team called Team Orange. 

You don't have to be a racer to use Race Sense - enthusiasts can use it to brag about their Sunday morning ride, since the ability to share statistics on Facebook and Twitter will be inbuilt. Hopefully illegal speeds will not be shared...

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