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Harley-Davidson PAN America 1250

Harley-Davidson PAN America 1250 is a adventure bike available at a price range of Rs. 17,86,695 - Rs. 20,70,837 in India. It is available in 2 variants and 6 colours. It is powered by a 1252 cc BS-VI engine. It comes with both front and rear disc brakes.

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Key specs
  • Displacement1,252 cc
  • Transmission6 Speed Manual
  • Kerb Weight258 kg

Avg. Ex-showroom price

17,86,695 Check on-road price
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  • 6 ColoursSee Colours

Harley-Davidson PAN America 1250 Price


PAN America 1250 Standard

 17,86,695 Avg. Ex-showroom price Disc Brakes, Alloy Wheels

PAN America 1250 Special

 20,70,837 Avg. Ex-showroom price Disc Brakes, Alloy Wheels

Harley-Davidson PAN America 1250 Summary

PAN America 1250 key highlights

Engine Capacity 1,252 cc
Transmission 6 Speed Manual
Kerb Weight 258 kg
Fuel Tank Capacity 21.2 litres
Seat Height 807 mm
Max Power 150.19 bhp

About PAN America 1250

Harley-Davidson PAN America 1250 is a adventure bike available at a starting price of Rs. 17,86,695 in India. It is available in 2 variants and 6 colours with top variant price starting from Rs. 20,70,837. The Harley-Davidson PAN America 1250 is powered by 1252cc BS6 engine which develops a power of 150.19 bhp and a torque of 128 Nm. With both front and rear disc brakes, Harley-Davidson PAN America 1250 comes up with anti-locking braking system. This PAN America 1250 bike weighs 258 kg and has a fuel tank capacity of 21.2 liters.

The Pan America is possibly Harley-Davidson’s most awaited motorcycle in many years. It has been introduced at a time when every other manufacturer wants to make their presence felt in the growing adventure segment.

The Pan America 1250 is based on a new platform and it sports the same structure as any big adv motorcycle – the tall stance, a windscreen, spoked rims and knobby tyres. It is based on the same platform that underpins the upcoming streetbike and a cruiser. The headlamp section still looks like a Harley, because it is derived from the Road Glide. Long-travel suspension with inverted front forks, top-quality brakes and tyres that can handle both tarmac and the rough stuff are present.

The two variants of the Pan America 1250 are distinguished by their respective features. Standard features on both models include full-LED lighting, Bluetooth-enabled 6.8-inch colour TFT touchscreen display, and a USB C-type outlet. The Pan America 1250 Special further benefits from an electronically adjustable semi-active suspension setup, tyre pressure monitoring system, centre stand, heated grips, steering damper, and an industry-first Adaptive Ride Height (optional) system.

Mechanical specifications are identical on both models, and the Pan America 1250 range uses a 1,252cc, Revolution Max 1250 engine that produces 150bhp of maximum power at 9,000rpm and 127Nm of peak torque at 6,750rpm.

The Pan America ADV rivals the segment leader BMW R1250GS and the Honda Africa Twin in the Indian market. The bike is currently sold through all Harley-Davidson showrooms in India.
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Harley-Davidson PAN America 1250 Expert Opinion

  • Good Things

    • 1250cc motor offers lots of torque
    • Great seating comfort
    • Equipped with top-spec electronics
  • Could be Better

    • Bike is quite heavy
    • Limited sales, service reach
    • Expensive to maintain

BikeWale's Take

The Pan America 1250 is Harley-Davidson’s first adventure motorcycle. So the company has made sure to give it almost all kinds of goodies like great performance, comfort, top-spec electronics and radical styling. In fact, being a heavy bike, the Pan America 1250 manages to tackle some bad terrains quite well. But being a CBU unit, the bike is priced a bit high and there’s always issue with spares with such bikes. Plus, the brand now has limited sales and service reach. 

Harley-Davidson PAN America 1250 Review

While it's a good thing on Harley's front to adapt to the changes in the market, it's also going to be tough for the brand to create a mark in this segment that's already well established.


Right Side View

The Harley Davidson Pan America 1250 is a result of the drastic evolution in the two-wheeler market in recent years. A market that is inclining towards the adventure genre of motorcycling faster than ever. And this genre already has a lot of capable offerings from brands like BMW, Ducati, Triumph, and Honda

While it's a good thing on Harley's front to adapt to the changes in the market, it's also going to be tough for the brand to create a mark in this segment that's already well established.

In that case, does the Pan America 1250 has all that it takes to outperform or at least be at par with its rivals? We try to answer this question by riding the bike on and just a little bit off the road in the brief amount of time we got with it.

The Looks

Left Side View

The Pan America 1250 looks quite polarising. You’ll either hate it or love it. But one thing is undeniable, that it looks unique and distinctive. It attracted a lot of curious glances and questions from onlookers every time I pulled up at a signal. And that’s mainly because of its gigantic size and a front fascia that resembles the snout of a whale. Even this beefy fuel tank makes up for a lot of its visual mass. 

Fuel Tank

The overall fit and finish and quality of materials look like they are built to last. The rear luggage carrier looks rugged while the radiator and headlamp guard too feel solid. Even while riding the bike, there wasn’t a hint of anything coming loose and no thudding or rattling sound whatsoever. 

The Package

Instrument Cluster

The Pan America is as decked up with features as a new-age ADV can be. Especially, the Special variant we had comes with a lot of add-ons like tyre pressure monitoring system, signature adaptive headlamp, heater grips, a steering damper by Ohlins, and factory-installed tubeless laced wheels. 

Electronic aids that are common in all variants include a six-axis inertial measurement unit with lean-sensitive traction control, cornering ABS, electronically linked braking system, hill hold control, cruise control, engine braking control, five pre-programmed riding modes, and three customisable modes. For every riding mode, there’s a different setting for ABS, traction control, throttle response and suspension damping, and these alterations are pretty evident in every riding mode. 

Harley-Davidson PAN America 1250 TFT / Instrument Cluster

You can monitor and make changes to these features on a 6.8-inch large touchscreen instrument cluster. Now, this is a very advanced display with a host of features shown with good legibility and crispness. However, one issue here is that a lot of info is available in very small font size and reading them requires you to bend down while riding. 

Handle Bar

Moreover, you get a separate button for almost everything – mode, cruise control, heated grips, ignition, and music controls. In the quest of placing these many buttons, the crucial switches of horn and indicators have gone at the bottom which might be difficult to reach initially. This overall setup might take some time to get used to.

One of the main challenges that come with big adventure motorcycles is their tall seat height. But Harley has addressed this issue by developing the Adaptive Ride Height technology. It lowers the bike once the rider comes to halt and moves it back up once the bike gets going. Unfortunately, this feature wasn’t available on our test bike. Although we had the Special variant, the ARH tech comes as an option for Rs 32,000 extra. 

Bike Seat

Even if you don’t choose the top-spec variant that gets the Adaptive Ride Height tech, you still have the option to manually alter the seat height by opening it up with the key. That’s smart and thoughtful.

Engine From Right

Powering the Pan America is a Revolution Max, 1,252cc engine that churns out 150.19bhp of power at 8,750rpm and 128Nm of peak torque at 6,750rpm. It comes mated to a six-speed gearbox. Harley has built this powerplant from scratch and is a modern unit with liquid-cooling, double overhead camshafts, and variable valve timing. The result is a motor that really likes to be revved and performs like a charm for the most part.

Another party-piece of the Pan America is the electronically adjustable semi-active suspension from Showa. This is available only in the Special variant and gives multiple benefits. Firstly, you can adjust the rear preload according to the load y

Front Wheel

our bike is going to carry. It also adjusts the suspension damping according to the selected riding mode for optimum ride and handling. What’s more, even the pre-load is continuously adjusted depending on the riding condition.

The Ride

Harley-Davidson PAN America 1250 action

With the seat height set at its lowest position, getting on board and planting both feet on the ground wasn’t a problem for me. I am 5 feet 11 inches, for your reference. Once onboard, you’ll notice that the riding triangle is neutral and comfortable, which is typical of an adventure tourer. I can assure you it won’t get uncomfortable even after a full day of riding. Even the standing up ergos are spot on. The handlebar is within your reach and the narrow rear end of the tank makes holding on to it very easy. Interestingly, the footpegs can be easily tweaked for on-road and off-road use as the top rubber mount is manually removable.

Harley-Davidson PAN America 1250 action

Cranking up the motor reveals that it doesn’t have the traditional Harley thump but sounds throaty and sporty. The engine starts to build up pace quickly and aggressively from around 3,000rpm. The mid-range torque delivery is prompt and potent but not to the extent of overwhelming the rider. However, the motor turns ferocious post 6,000rpm and the acceleration is ballistic until it reaches its redline. The motorcycle gets past 100kmph in a jiffy and it can cruise at speeds of over 120kmph stress-free all day long. Even at that pace, overtaking requires minimal effort and time. 

Harley-Davidson PAN America 1250 action

While the engine is a treat on the highway, we would have loved more tractability for city riding. Every time you leave it a gear or two higher, it lugs along with a bit of knocking sound. We also felt the gearbox could be smoother as the gears shift with a pronounced clunk. But this might have been an issue with this particular test bike, perhaps due to the kind of abuse media bikes go through. We will come back with more precise feedback on this when we get the bike for a longer duration.

Harley-Davidson PAN America 1250 action

The Pan America also surprises in the handling department. We rode it around some nice mountain twisties and the experience was enjoyable. Yes, it takes a bit of effort to steer the bike but once leaned over, the Pan America holds its line precisely and doesn’t twitch or weave. 

Harley-Davidson PAN America 1250 action

I tried the Sport mode while riding in the mountains and the difference in the way the suspension behaves was evident as compared to road and rain mode. The suspension setup also does a commendable job of soaking up potholes and speed bumps, big or small. It doesn’t seem to lose its composure while there was no hint of bottoming out in normal road riding. 

Harley-Davidson PAN America 1250 action

During the mild off-roading that we did, the Pan America felt apt for the job. I put it in the off-road mode and it delivered just the right amount of traction by allowing me to slide a bit. Even the suspension setup soaked up most of it by bottoming out only on rare occasions.

As for the weight balance, the Pan America requires calculated inputs from you while manoeuvring since its weight is constantly felt. Another grouse was the lack of bottom-end grunt. While the engine is really sweet out on the road, there’s a noticeable lack of low-end torque during slow off-roading. Nevertheless, it shouldn’t be a problem for someone belting it on trails. 

Harley-Davidson PAN America 1250 action

Another major issue I faced was while riding in traffic was that the engine went on heating up to extreme levels and all the heat was directed to my calves and thighs. It was so intense at a point that I had to pull up at the roadside and let it cool down. 

Our Take

Harley-Davidson PAN America 1250 action

The Pan America is truly unlike any other Harley-Davidson offering and that’s a positive point in my opinion. It has a very potent, high-revving engine, it handles nicely, the brakes are bang on, it’s comfortable, and all the electronics and features work just fine. Except for some minor rough edges, the Pan America comes across as a potent touring machine and off-roader. Now, coming to the main point, the Pan America Special edition is priced at around Rs 20 lakh (ex-showroom). With that price tag, is it really worth buying? And more importantly, how is it in comparison to its rivals like the BMW R1250GS? We will bring you these answers soon as we test the Pan America in more detail in the coming weeks. Stay tuned. 

Photography by Kaustubh Gandhi

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Harley-Davidson PAN America 1250 mileage

As per ARAI, the average of PAN America 1250 is 18 kmpl.

PAN America 1250 mileage details

PAN America 1250 Specifications & Features


  • Power & PerformancePower & Performance

    Fuel Type Petrol

    Max Power 150.19 bhp @ 8,750 rpm

    Max Torque 128 Nm @ 6,750 rpm

    Cooling System Liquid Cooled

    Transmission 6 Speed Manual

    Transmission Type Chain Drive

    Emission Standard Emission standards indicate the output from the exhaust that is permissible in a country. BS-VI

    Displacement 1,252 cc

    Cylinders 2

    Bore 105 mm

    Stroke 72 mm

    Valves Per Cylinder 4

    Compression Ratio 13.0:1

    Ignition Dual Ignition

    Spark Plugs 1 Per Cylinder

    Gear Shifting Pattern Gear Shifting Pattern 1 Down 5 Up

    Clutch Wet Multiplate

    Fuel Delivery System Fuel Injection

    Fuel Tank Capacity 21.2 litres

    Reserve Fuel Capacity These are estimated figures 3.8 litres

    Riding Range Maximum distance a petrol bike can travel on a full fuel tank and an electric bike can travel on a full charge 386 Km

    Mileage - ARAI 18.2 kmpl

    Mileage - Owner Reported BikeWale collects mileage information from bike owners to provide you with the actual mileage that you might get. --

    Top Speed These are estimated figures 200+ Kmph

    View more specs
  • Brakes, Wheels & SuspensionBrakes, Wheels & Suspension

    Braking System CBS, IBS, SBT, UBS, HBS - Combined braking of both front and rear wheel | ABS - Anti-lock braking system which can be just for front wheel (single channel) or both wheels (dual channel) or can be switched off (switchable) | E-ABS - Electronic assisted braking system | Standard - Cable operated Dual Channel ABS

    Front Brake Type Disc

    Front Brake Size 320 mm

    Rear Tyre Size 170/60 - R17

    Tyre Type Tubeless

    Radial Tyres No

    Rear Brake Type Disc

    Rear Brake Size 280 mm

    Calliper Type Front- 4 Piston, Rear- Single Piston Calliper

    Wheel Type Alloy

    Front Wheel Size 19 inch

    Rear Wheel Size 17 inch

    Front Tyre Size 120/70 - R19

    Front Tyre Pressure (Rider) 36 psi

    Rear Tyre Pressure (Rider) 42 psi

    Front Tyre Pressure (Rider & Pillion) 36 psi

    Rear Tyre Pressure (Rider & Pillion) 42 psi

    Front Suspension 47mm inverted fork with compression, rebound and spring preload adjustability

    Rear Suspension Linkage-mounted, piggyback monoshock with compression

    View more specs
  • Dimensions & ChassisDimensions & Chassis

    Kerb Weight 258 kg

    Overall Length 2,265 mm

    Overall Width 965 mm

    Wheelbase 1,580 mm

    Ground Clearance 210 mm

    Seat Height 807 mm

    Overall Height 1,510 mm

    Chassis Type Stressed-member, high strength low alloy steel trellis frame

    View more specs
  • Manufacturer WarrantyManufacturer Warranty

    Standard Warranty (Year) 2 Year

    Standard Warranty (Kilometers) Standard Warranty (Kilometers) Unlimited Kilometers


Odometer Digital

DRLs (Daytime running lights) Yes

Mobile App Connectivity Yes

Low Battery IndicatorYes

Pillion BackrestNo

Pillion GrabrailYes

GPS & Navigation Yes

USB charging port Yes

Front storage box No

Under seat storage No

AHO (Automatic Headlight On) Yes

Speedometer Digital

Fuel Guage Yes

Tachometer Digital

Stand Alarm Yes

Stepped Seat Yes

No. of Tripmeters 2

Tripmeter Type Digital

Low Fuel Indicator Yes

Low Oil Indicator Yes

Pillion SeatYes

Pillion FootrestYes

Digital Fuel GuageYes

Start TypeElectric Start

Shift LightNo



Battery12V, 12Ah

Headlight TypeLED Head Lamp

Brake/Tail LightLED Tail Lamp

Turn SignalLED

Pass LightYes

Additional featuresAdjustable Ride Height

View more features

FAQs about Harley-Davidson PAN America 1250

  • Q: What is the on-road price of Harley-Davidson PAN America 1250 in 2022?

    A: The 2022 on-road price of Harley-Davidson PAN America 1250 in Delhi is Rs. 20,35,225. This on-road price includes the ex-showroom price, RTO and insurance charges.
  • Q: Which is better Harley-Davidson PAN America 1250 or Triumph Tiger 1200?

    A: Harley-Davidson PAN America 1250 is priced at Rs. 17,86,695, has a 1252 cc 6 Speed Manual engine, and weighs 258 kg, whereas, the price of Triumph Tiger 1200 is Rs. 19,39,000 with a 1160 cc 6 Speed Manualengine, and weighing 245 kg. You can compare Harley-Davidson PAN America 1250 vs Triumph Tiger 1200 based on their detailed specifications, features, prices and reviews.
  • Q: What are the colour options of Harley-Davidson PAN America 1250?

    A: Harley-Davidson PAN America 1250 is available in 6 colours which are River Rock Gray, Vivid Black, Vivid Black ( Special ), Gauntlet Gray Metallic, Deadwood Green and Baja Orange / Stone Washed White Pearl. You can check all the colour images of Harley-Davidson PAN America 1250.
  • Q: What are the key specifications of Harley-Davidson PAN America 1250?

    A: Harley-Davidson PAN America 1250 is a Adventure bike that weighs 258 kg, has a 1252 cc BS-VI engine and a fuel capacity of 21.2 litres. You can check the full specifications and features.

Harley-Davidson PAN America 1250 News

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