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Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber

Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber is a cruiser bike with the last known price Rs. 14,16,777 in India. It had 1 variant and 1 colour. It and was powered by a 853 cc BS-IV engine. It came with anti-locking braking system and both front and rear disc brakes.

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Key specs
  • Displacement853 cc
  • Transmission6 Speed Manual
  • Kerb Weight199 kg

Last known Avg. Ex-showroom price

₹ 14,16,777

Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber is now discontinued in India.

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Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber Summary

V9 Bobber key highlights

Engine Capacity 853 cc
Transmission 6 Speed Manual
Kerb Weight 199 kg
Fuel Tank Capacity 15 litres
Seat Height 808 mm
Max Power 53.4 bhp

About V9 Bobber

Moto Guzzi has expanded its motorcycle portfolio in India by introducing the new V9 cruisers. The V9 Bobber abandons all chrome plating and glossy finishes for matte black details. The side panels and fuel tank are pitch black, with just a few graphic details in yellow or matte red. The exhaust unit, mirrors and both metal mudguards are painted in dark matte black.

Both the Moto Guzzi V9 bikes are based on the smaller V7’s steel twin-tube cradle frame. The motorcycles get an air and oil-cooled 850cc V-twin engine, delivering 54bhp and 62Nm of torque. The engine is mated to a six-speed transmission, with a shaft final drive.

The biggest difference between the two models are the tyres. The V9 Roamer has a 19-inch front wheel and 16-inch rear wheel, while the V9 Bobber gets 16-inch wheels on both ends. Suspension duties are performed by 40mm forks up front and twin spring preload-adjustable shocks in the rear.

The Moto Guzzi V9 uses a Brembo four-piston calliper with 320mm disc upfront and a two-piston calliper with 260mm disc for the rear wheel. ABS and a two-level traction control system are offered as standard.

There's also an optional Multimedia Platform (MG MP) on offer that connects wirelessly to a smartphone and allows the rider to monitor a variety of vehicle information. The MG MP includes several interesting features like eco ride, where the rider can access fuel consumption data.

The Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber is imported into the country as a completely built unit (CBU). It competes with the likes of Harley-Davidson Iron 883, Ducati Scrambler and the Triumph Street Twin.
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Expert Opinion

  • Good Things

    • Easy riding position
    • Loaded with safety electronics
    • 850cc engine has oodles of torque
  • Could be Better

    • Doesn't look very exciting
    • Limited service reach
    • Spare parts are very expensive

Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber Review

We ride the second of the Moto Guzzi V9 twins, the Bobber, and come away confused. 

What is it?

Why I would buy the Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber

To stand out in a crowd, because there will be so few of them. And... look at it!

Why I would avoid the Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber

CBU pricing means I can have a much larger capacity motorcycle with many more features at the price.


This is the Bobber version of the V9 Roamer. Essentially it is a V9 that is slightly more suited to city riding duties than it’s Roamer counterpart, thanks to a smaller front rim that gives it better manoeuvrability. What you get is a quirky, elegant and non-flashy Italian product that you won’t see often, if at all. 

How does it ride?

The V9 Bobber has a twin cradle frame, so it’s a very conventional setup. Suspension is also conventional – traditional forks in the front, dual shock absorbers at the rear. The engine is mounted transversely (or longitudinally, the debate rages on, especially if you’re a car person) and drives the rear wheel via a six-speed gearbox and shaft drive. There’s nothing fancy about the engine, either. It has got fuel injection for emissions reasons, and is cooled by air. It displaces 853cc from two cylinders but makes 55bhp and 62Nm. That peak torque is at a lowly 3000rpm, and the power peak at 6250rpm – this despite it being a short-stroke engine. The engine is happy enough to potter around at low revs. This isn’t the kind of engine that you wring all the way to the limiter; you surf the waves of torque down low, short shift, and repeat. The gearbox reinforces this behaviour with a false neutral every once in a while, along with a hard action. The shaft drive takes some getting used to, because of the clunks every time you engage the clutch from rest. 

Despite it being a very conventional setup, the V9 is an ever-willing companion on twisty roads. Of course, it doesn’t have the cornering clearance of a streetbike, but the amount you can lean it over is quite commendable for a cruiser type of motorcycle. It also stays leaned over with confidence, although the wide front tyre doesn’t allow it to steer very quickly. The brakes, like the chassis and suspension, are ordinary – this is a 200kg machine, yet gets only a single 320mm front disc brake. It is adequate, nothing more. The instrument cluster displays the whole shebang, but only one parameter at a time can be displayed on the small digital part of the cluster. 

There isn’t much room for a pillion, so it is best to think of the V9 Bobber as a solo machine. If you’re a tall rider, then it will be difficult to strap a tailbag on as well. The riding position itself is uncomfortable for tall riders – move too far back, and you’re going to find it difficult to use the rear brake. Move too far in front and you’re sure to bark your shins on the intake headers. That tank may look like a great supermodel with its thin structure, but it offers no purchase for your knees, putting your shins at risk every time you brake. 

Anything else I should know?

All Moto Guzzis are CBUs in our market, so their price is quite high compared to other products in their class. As such, they start off at a disadvantage. Couple that with a tiny dealer network, and owning one doesn’t give you the confidence that a bigger brand would. A small detail that undermines confidence in riders new to the brand is the transverse layout – what this means is that every time you blip the throttle, the motorcycle tips a little to the right. However, this doesn’t affect dynamics in any way; you merely have to trust the engineering that went into it. 

The air cooling and shaft drive mean that the V9 is one of the few motorcycles that needs literally zero maintenance between services – all you need to do is to keep topping up the fuel and air in the tyres. That’s a luxury for most of us who have to clean and lubricate our drive chains and check the coolant level every few hundred kilometres. 

Should I buy one?

That CBU pricing removes it from most people’s shopping list simply because it doesn’t remain value for money any way you try to spin it. However, that also means that should you get one, you’re almost certain to not see another one. Ever. There won’t be any Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber riding groups in India with this pricing, that’s for certain. Individuality is probably this product's greatest asset. 

Where does it fit in?

The Rs 13.2 lakh price tag ex-showroom, Mumbai puts it in some heavyweight company. The Indian Scout Sixty, Honda Africa Twin, Aprilia Mana 850, Ducati Multistrada 950, Kawasaki Versys 100, and Triumph Tiger XCA are all within striking distance of the V9 Bobber.

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Photos: Kapil Angane

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Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber Colours


V9 Bobber Specifications & Features


  • Power & PerformancePower & Performance

    Fuel Type Fuel Type is the type of fuel that an engine uses to operate. The different types include petrol, diesel, electric, and ethanol among others. Petrol

    Max Power 53.4 bhp @ 6,250 rpm

    Max Torque 62 Nm @ 3,000 rpm

    Cooling System The cooling system suggests the cooling mechanism that a motor uses. The types include air, oil, or liquid. Air and Oil-Cooled

    Transmission 6 Speed Manual

    Transmission Type The transmission type will tell the kind of transmission a two-wheeler has. Chain Drive

    Emission Standard Emission standards indicate the output from the exhaust that is permissible in a country. BS-IV

    Displacement Engine displacement is the measure of the cylinder volume swept by the pistons of an internal combustion engine. It indicates the engine size. 853 cc

    Cylinders The number of cylinders that an engine features. Most two-wheelers sold in the Indian market feature a single-cylinder. 2

    Bore Bore is the diameter of each cylinder. 84 mm

    Stroke Stroke indicates the number of engine cycles during which a piston travels from top to bottom. 77 mm

    Valves Per Cylinder Valves per cylinder indicate the intake (fuel) and outlet (exhaust of combustion gases) of an engine. 2

    Compression Ratio A compression ratio suggests the degree to which the fuel mixture is compressed before ignition. 10.5: 1

    Ignition Ignition indicates to the type of starting system that a vehicle uses. --

    Spark Plugs A spark plug is a device for firing the explosive mixture. 2 Per Cylinder

    Gear Shifting Pattern Gear Shifting Pattern --

    Clutch The clutch disengages or engages the engine from the transmission. --

    Fuel Delivery System --

    Fuel Tank Capacity The capacity of a vehicle to store fuel. 15 litres

    Reserve Fuel Capacity Reserve fuel is part of the main tank that is used when a vehicle is running low on petrol/diesel. 4 litres

    Riding Range The total range that a vehicle can travel on a full tank of fuel. --

    Mileage - ARAI ARAI certified fuel economy that has been tested under controlled conditions. --

    Mileage - Owner Reported This is the fuel economy registered by Bikewale followers. --

    Top Speed The maximum speed that a vehicle can achieve. --

    View more specs
  • Brakes, Wheels & SuspensionBrakes, Wheels & Suspension

    Braking System Braking system is used to reduce the speed of the vehicle or bring it to a standstill. Dual Channel ABS

    Front Brake Type Most vehicles feature a disc brake at the front although some commuter segment products come with a drum setup. Disc

    Front Brake Size Front brake size indicates the size of the disc or drum setup at the front wheel. 320 mm

    Rear Tyre Size Rear tyre size indicates the profile of the rear tyre. 150/80 B 16

    Tyre Type Tyre types are divided into two - Tubeless and Tube Type. Tubeless

    Radial Tyres Radial tyres use steel belts that run at a 90-degree angle with the tread line. Yes

    Rear Brake Type Most vehicles come with a drum brake setup at the back although higher spec models feature a disc brake at the rear. Disc

    Rear Brake Size Rear brake size indicates the size of the disc or drum setup at the front wheel. 260 mm

    Calliper Type Front-4-Piston , Rear-2 Piston Calliper

    Wheel Type Wheel types include two types - Wire-spoke and Alloy wheels. Alloy

    Front Wheel Size Front wheel size indicates the diameter of the front wheel. 16 inch

    Rear Wheel Size Rear wheel size indicates the diameter of the rear wheel. 16 inch

    Front Tyre Size Front tyre size indicate the profile of the front tyre. 130/90 - 16

    Front Tyre Pressure (Rider) --

    Rear Tyre Pressure (Rider) --

    Front Tyre Pressure (Rider & Pillion) --

    Rear Tyre Pressure (Rider & Pillion) --

    Front Suspension Front suspension usually includes telescopic forks. standard fork, Ø 40 mm

    Rear Suspension Rear suspension setup mostly uses a rear mono-shock. Swingarm with Double Shock Absorber

    View more specs
  • Dimensions & ChassisDimensions & Chassis

    Kerb Weight Kerb weight of the motorcycle is the total weight of a vehicle that is ready for operation. It includes all standard equipment and necessary consumables. 199 kg

    Overall Length Overall length of the vehicle is the total length of a two-wheeler from the front to the back. 2,185 mm

    Overall Width Total width of the vehicle. 840 mm

    Wheelbase The wheelbase is the distance between the front and the rear wheel. 1,465 mm

    Ground Clearance The ground clearance is the distance between the ground and the lowest point of a vehicle. --

    Seat Height The seat height is the height of the rider's saddle from the ground. 808 mm

    Overall Height Overall height is the tallest point of a motorcycle, usually the mirror or the top of a windscreen. 1,160 mm

    Chassis Type The chassis type is the primary/main frame of a two-wheeler. ALS steel twin tube cradle frame

    View more specs
  • Manufacturer WarrantyManufacturer Warranty

    Standard Warranty (Year) --

    Standard Warranty (Kilometers) --


Odometer Odometer keeps the track of the total kilometres travelled by a vehicle in its lifetime. Digital

DRLs (Daytime running lights) Daytime Running Lights, as the name suggest, are the lights that stay ON when the main headlight is switched off. This feature makes a vehicle easily visible in the rear view mirror of other vehicles. --

Mobile App Connectivity Mobile App Connectivity connects the smartphone to the instrument cluster via Bluetooth to offer access to features such as incoming calls, messages, and music. --

Low Oil IndicatorNo

Low Battery IndicatorYes

Pillion BackrestNo

GPS & Navigation GPS & Navigation function works via Bluetooth to deliver directions on the instrument cluster. --

USB charging port A USB charging port can be used to charge devices on the go. The feature, which is either available as standard or via accessories, can come handy to recharge devices such as smartphones while riding a vehicle. --

Front storage box --

Under seat storage --

AHO (Automatic Headlight On) Automatic Headlight On feature keeps the main headlamp of the vehicle running all the time. This improves the visibility of a motorcycle/scooter in the rear-view mirror of vehicle ahead. --

Speedometer Speedometer gives an indication of the current speed at which a vehicle is travelling. Analogue

Fuel Guage Fuel guage indicates the level of fuel available in the tank of a vehicle. Yes

Digital Fuel Guage Digital fuel guage shows the information about the fuel level in a vehicle through a digital display. Yes

Tachometer Tachometer shows the real-time reading of the revs per minute (RPM) at which the engine is operating. --

Stand Alarm Stand alarm notifies the rider if the side stand of the vehicle is engaged. Some vehicles comes with a side stand cut-off feature that does not allow the motor to start until the side stand is lifted. No

Stepped Seat In a stepped seat layout, the pillion seat is slightly taller than the rider seat. No

No. of Tripmeters No of tripmeters indicate the total number of trip meters that a vehicle's instrument cluster features. Usually, premium vehicles come with two trip meters, while budget two-wheelers feature a single trip meter. 2

Tripmeter Type Tripmeters are available in two type - analogue and digital. The analogue unit usually features a single trip meter while a digital display may come with two trip meters. Digital

Low Fuel Indicator Low fuel indicator aims to remind the rider that the vehicle is running low on fuel, and it should be refueled soon. Yes

Pillion GrabrailYes

Pillion SeatYes

Pillion FootrestYes

Start TypeElectric Start

Shift LightYes



Battery12V - 18 Ah

Headlight Type--

Brake/Tail Light--

Turn Signal--

Pass LightYes

Additional features--

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