Triumph Tiger 800 XCx First Ride Review

01 November 2018, 01:33 PM Pratheek Kunder


Pros: Very comfortable, lots of tech, good off-road behaviour

Cons: Pricey

Tiger is possibly one of the strongest words in the world of adventure riding. This brand from Triumph Motorcycles is known globally, and in India too, thanks to its capabilities, accessibility and the practicality. And with the new Tiger 800 in the market, adventure riding is no longer the same, says the British maker. While we did explore the Atlas Mountains in Morocco earlier this year on the new Tiger 800 XCx, there was a need to test its mettle in India, a country which is known to throw some incredible challenges. 


The Tiger 800 XCx is a very expensive ADV. So the quality aspect is well taken care of. The level of detailing is quite good, so is the paint quality. The plastics used around the bike are of superior quality, and there are no panel gaps of any kind. The welds on the frame and subframe have been done neatly. 

The switchgear feels solid and crisp .The buttons feel nice to touch and operate. The grips, which by the way are heated, scream quality. The seat finish is nice and looks the finest. 


Here, the Tiger 800 XCx scores the maximum points. The ergonomics is well sorted, thanks to the neutral-footpegs position and tall and wide handlebar. The large and wide seat is well cushioned and also offers a good amount of space to move around. The pillion didn’t bring forth any complaint either. It’s the same story while standing up and riding. Even for a 6.2ft tall rider, the standing-up ergonomics is perfect. Plus, the angular fuel tank gives a good support for the legs during hard-core off-roading. 

Triumph Tiger 800 XCx 2018

Ex-showroom, Mumbai


The ride quality isn’t really plush. At least in the default setting. But it does the job of finding the right comfort level for the rider. The WP front suspension, which is adjustable for rebound and damping, eats all the bad patches with ease. The rear too, is well balanced and doesn’t bother your back even in really bad road conditions. With 220mm of travel at the front, there’s no drama while doing some jumps on the trail. 


This Tiger gets its power from a revised 800cc in-line three engine. This engine produces 94bhp at 9500rpm and peak torque of 79Nm comes in at 8050rpm. The gearbox is the same six-speed that transfers power to the rear wheel via chain drive. The engine has been heavily reworked to perform well in both, on-road and off-road conditions. 

The most impressive part of this engine is its tractability. 40kmph in sixth gear is possible, without any unnecessary noise from the engine. This is possible as 90 per cent of the torque kicks in at 2500rpm. The power delivery is linear and smoother. There’s a nice punch each time the throttle is opened. The throttle response is pleasant and also crisper. 

The Tiger XCx has good road manners. Even with a weight of around 200kg, the bike manages to pull through tight places with ease. The straight line stability is impressive, even in wet conditions. The credit goes to the electronics too. It’s not a great handler in the corners, but it manages to put a smile on your face each time you lean in. 

Off-the road, the Tiger XCx feels at home. The 21-inch front spoke-wheel make life easy during trail riding and jumps. The Bridgestone tyres works decently well off-road, but in case there’s need for more grip, switch to Pirelli Scorpion Rally tyres which are a bit pricey. 


The Tiger 800 XCx is like the latest Dell computer. It gets all the bells and whistles and everything works well. The most desirable feature of this ADV is its new instrument cluster. This screen shows plenty of information to the rider and in a hassle-free and easy way. The data on this cluster can be changed using a five-way joystick and one standalone menu button on the switchgear. Using this hardware, you can change the ABS, TC and riding modes levels. The bike is also equipped with cruise control and heated grips. 

The Tiger 800 XCx is equipped with LED lights. The suspension system is from the best in the industry. It’s adjustable for rebound and compression. The seat height can be adjusted by 20mm as it gets a 2-position seat mechanism. The brake and clutch levers are adjustable. But unfortunately, this Tiger doesn’t get tubeless tyres, which is a bummer. 

Fuel Efficiency

The Tiger XCx returned a fuel efficiency figure of 19kmpl. So with a fuel tank capacity of 19-litres, expect the Tiger 800 XCx to be ridden for around 360kms before heading to a fuel pump. 

Fitness of Purpose

The best way to define an adventure bike is through the presence of good ground clearance, long travel suspension and incredible comfort. The Tiger 800 XCx checks all these boxes and more. It has the right road attitude and does a fantastic job off-road. But adventure riding means exploring new place, and with the lack of tubeless tyres, the rider always need to be wary about the terrain and that’s not a good thing to have. 

Our Take

The Tiger 800 XCx is a fantastic ADV. It’s comfortable, can spend long hours on the saddle, and the electronics will always be there for you. The performance aspect is well taken care of by the new engine. And then there’s also the features that come with this top-spec model. At Rs 16.07 lakhs (on-road Mumbai),it’s a bit pricey but if you are serious about travelling the world with your better half, well, the Tiger 800 XCx won’t disappoint you. 

Photography by Kapil Angane


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