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Alpinestars Corozal Adventure Drystar Motorcycle Boots Review: 3-month update

19 September 2019, 06:36 PM Vikrant Singh


There are a number of adventure riding boots to choose from. And no matter which one you pick, the focus for all these boots is all-weather usability and comfort. However, the Alpinestars Corozal adds another element to it – protection. 

Not that other ADV boots don’t offer protection, they do, but the Corozal brings proper off-road boots protection to more casual off-roading. And this is one of the main reasons we settled for this particular pair.

But, does it really deliver on these counts on the road… and off it?

What We Like


The Corozal, unlike other ADV boots, don’t bend or flip-flop easily. But, thankfully, the added stiffness hasn’t made it difficult to don the boots. The large opening helps, as do the adjustable closing buckles. With normal socks these offer some wiggle room when buckled in place. However, with off-road specific long socks, the fit is exact. So, even though it feels great to have such a snug fit, make sure you order right. Thankfully, the sizing is true. I wear a 42 when it comes to road riding boots. And, a 42 on the Corozal fits me perfectly as well. With the long socks, mind.

Triumph Tiger 800 XCx

Triumph Tiger 800 XCx

  • Displacement800 cc
  • Max Power(bhp)94 bhp
  • ;

Last known Avg. Ex-showroom price

₹ 14,01,808


If it’s an ADV boot, it better be waterproof. Now, we have found that some adventure boots let water in from the get go. Not massive amounts, of course, but enough to leave your feet wet in a few places. The Corozals so far have proved to be fantastic on this front. We wore them through heavy rains and a few water crossings where the boots were submerged under water upto their first buckle. And not a drop seeped in. 


We haven’t crashed in them yet, thankfully. But, we still can’t deny the tech involved for added protection. Firstly, the sheer stiffness compared to regular ADV boots speaks volumes in this regard. If an ADV boot can remind you of a proper off-road boot without compromising on comfort, that’s a huge plus in our book. This stiffness comes mainly via the flexi-blade system. And, we like the thick TPU protection on the shin area; this again isn’t common on the softer ADV boots. But, here’s the lovely bit – we have only used them on the road for the past three months, be it for commuting or touring, and these didn’t feel out of place at all like dirt boots would. 

What We Don’t Like


The Corozals are heavy. Okay, these aren’t Tech7 heavy, but compared to the other ADV boots, you do have to haul a bit of weight around with these Alpinestars. Now, when on the bike, it’s not a concern. But, when you have to walk around in them, these can be a bit of a drag.


The Drystar membrane has proved to be great in keeping the water out. But, on a hot day, especially when you get caught in traffic, the membrane does struggle to wick the sweat out effectively. It doesn’t leave you with sweat-drenched socks, but these can get damp, which too can be unpleasant.

Product Details

Seller: Planet DSG

Make: Alpinestars

Model: Corozal Oil Leather Boots (Waterproof)

Price: Rs 27,499 

Photography: Kaustubh Gandhi


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