Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Custom Long Term Report: Official Accessories Review

06 June 2019, 07:07 PM Vikrant Singh


Royal Enfield offers a bunch of accessories for the Interceptor 650. And, the company says more are on the way! Now, we have talked about what these accessories are, how much they cost, and where and how you can buy them. This report is about strapping them on, and living with them. 

Now, we haven’t installed everything that was mentioned in the catalogue – though, we intend on getting there soon. Instead, we have picked these particular items because they do more than just add visual flare to the motorcycle; at least most of them do…

Tall Fly Screen – Rs 1,700

There are two fly screens available. This, the taller piece, we felt was more useful. For starters, it is only Rs 200 more than the smaller one. But, when you are doing three digit speeds, and your helmet seems to be catching more wind than you’d like, tucking in behind the taller one did seem to offer some respite. And I didn’t have to go all the way down to the tank to hide away from the windblast either. And, did I mention that it helps the Interceptor look good? Well, it does! 

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650

  • Displacement648 cc
  • Max Power(bhp)47 bhp
  • Kerb Weight202 kg
  • ;

Avg. Ex-showroom price

₹ 2,64,884

Fork Gaiter Set – Rs 850

The fork gaiters aren’t as important to fit if you ride purely in the concrete jungle. But, if you are going to show the Interceptor a few trails, maybe some under construction roads, or possibly gravelly patches even, we’d recommend putting them on. Even though, it is the most tedious among all accessories to install. But, once in place, they obviously look good. And, these would also prevent untimely oil seal damage caused by dirt or pitting of the fork tubes. 

Touring Mirror Kit – Rs 4,000

We have complained about the Interceptor’s stock mirrors offering limited view. The touring mirror, at first glance, look smaller than even the stock ones. But, the mirror inside is clearly better designed to offer a wider view. So, you can adjust the mirrors to avoid seeing your elbows or arms, but still get a clear view and perspective of what’s happening behind you. What’s more, these are made of aluminium; no wonder they look and feel more expensive than the stock set. 

Touring Dual Seat – Rs 4,000

Now I know of many who complain about the Interceptor’s seat. But somehow, I have never had an issue. And, I have an hour and a half long daily commute. But, for science, we decided to try out the touring seat in any case. And immediately, my butt could tell the cushioning on the touring seat was better. It seemed firmer and thicker. I also rode from Pune to Mumbai in one go – that’s almost three and a half hours from my parents’ place to mine – and again, my butt had no criticism for the new seat. So, yes, if you don’t like the stock, the touring seat should do it for you.

Large Engine Guard – Rs 2,900

The first thing that struck me about this ‘large’ engine guard was that it wasn’t large at all! Especially when you compare it to what bullets traditionally have been hauling around. Plus, it is light. It’s made from steel, but it’s clearly hollow, which means I don’t expect the fuel efficiency of our Interceptor to take a beating. Now, the catalogue also lists a small engine guard for the INT. But, we chose the larger variety because it will give us additional leverage to pick up the bike if we drop it. Additionally, it doesn’t stick out or get in the way when riding or pushing or parking the bike.

Aluminium Sumpguard – Rs 1,850

As the name suggests, the sump guard protects the sump of the engine, or broadly speaking, the underbody of the bike. It also covers the oil filter. So, if you ride over loose surfaces often, treat it as the most important upgrade you will get for the Interceptor. And, it’s a good looking piece of aluminium too, which by the way, doesn’t take away from the bike’s stance or appeal. The only issue – if we can call it that – is that the sump guard has to be removed every time you need to change the engine oil. It’s a good thing then that RE only wants you to change the oil once a year. And that too, at its service station. 

Intake Cover Kit – Rs 1,350

This one is purely a cosmetic upgrade. And we chose it, because it goes so well with our custom coloured Interceptor. So, do we recommend it? Well, since it doesn’t have any functional benefits, it has to be a personal choice. Something we can’t really contribute towards. But, we will say this – we are happy we put it on. And like all the other official accessories of the Interceptor, this one too looks well made and comes with a two-year warranty.

Photography by Kaustubh Gandhi

Bike Stats:

Odometer: 1710km

Kilometers ridden this month: 650km

Fuel Efficiency: 28.4kmpl


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