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Apollo Tramplr ST Tyre Review: Introduction

15 November 2022, 07:24 PM Vikrant Singh


Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Apollo Tramplr ST Tyre Review

These are Apollo Tyres’ latest for the motorcycle world. Part of the Tramplr range, these tyres promise to tread two different worlds - on- and off-road. Now, Apollo has been selling two-wheeler tyres for commuters and scooters for aeons; and successfully at that. Then a few years back, it forayed into the demanding world of entry-level sportbikes with the Alpha H1. 

We tested the Alphas on a TVS Apache RR310 and were so impressed we went through two more sets on different bikes post our review. So, Apollo has the credentials. It has the technology. And it clearly has the resources to produce effective tyres. Albeit, for road use. But, to offer a good balance between on- and off-road performance isn’t as easy. And our job as part of reviewing the Tramplr ST is to find out how well Apollo has done here. 

The Specs

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Apollo Tramplr ST Tyre Review
Royal Enfield Interceptor 650

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650

  • Displacement648 cc
  • Mileage - Owner Reported23 kmpl
  • Max Power(bhp)47 bhp
  • Kerb Weight202 kg
  • ;

Avg. Ex-showroom price

₹ 2,88,141

The Tramplr is available in two versions. The higher-end model - denoted as the XR - is the more off-road bias tyre. And depending on the size and fitment, it is available in both cross-ply and radial constructions. For instance, the larger 90-section, 19-inch XR for the front fitment uses cross-ply construction, while the sportier, 150-section, 17-inch XR is a radial meant for the rear. This approach of using cross-ply and radial for the same sub-brand allows Apollo to target a wider audience based on their spending preferences and usage. 

The Tramplr ST we have here, however, is only available as a cross-ply tyre, no matter the width or the fitment. It is also only available as a 17-inch, unlike the XR, which also has 18- and 19-inch options. In terms of width, the entry-level ST comes in a 90/90-17 size for the front and 110/80 -17 and 120/80-17 for the rear. These sizes are meant more for commuter-centric motorcycles. 

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Apollo Tramplr ST Tyre Review

For motorcycles with a slightly more sporty outlook, you have the 100/80-17 and 140/70-17 for the front and rear, respectively. These are the ones you see here. One can also opt for a slimmer 130-section rear, if cost saving is a priority. Now, the difference between the two versions of the ST is only in terms of size and price. Otherwise, the construction, the tread pattern, as well as the promise remain the same for the two.  

The Promise

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Apollo Tramplr ST Tyre Review

And the promise of the Tramplr ST is a straightforward one. According to Apollo, it is your do-it-all enduro tyre. It will take you to work five days a week and then take you exploring over the weekend, says Apollo. In less vague terms, it is designed as an 80:20 tyre - 80 per cent focused on on-road performance and 20 per cent on tackling broken, gravelly, or hard-packed dirt roads with authority. 

And it does this by balancing the design and the compound used for the treads. Apollo says the large shoulder blocks should help with cornering grip, while the staggered central blocks should improve braking in a straight line. Additionally, the tyre grooves are designed to keep aquaplaning to a minimum. And above all, even though the ST promises handsome grip levels, Apollo says it won’t be dramatically short on life. Handsome claims, no question. 

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Apollo Tramplr ST Tyre Review

Apollo has also tried to add a lifestyle dimension to the ST. Instead of just a performance-centric outlook, it has added some tasty design elements to the tyre. There’s a road motif on the tyre treads. It gets ‘street’ graffiti on its side walls. It has smartly done wear indicators in percentages. And, the ST comes with a canvas pouch that features a lively graphic of alien spaceships and road signs and some bits I didn’t understand. This pouch be used as a tool roll.

What’s Next

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Apollo Tramplr ST Tyre Review

Overall, as first impressions go, the ST comes across as a good-looking, well-built, and thoughtfully-designed tyre. But, will this hold when it starts its on- and off-road journey? To find out, we will cover around 3,000km over the next three months on the STs. We will commute on them, take them to our favourite twisty road, and show them a hard-packed dirt trail too. And at the end, we will tell you about their noise and comfort levels and the feedback these offer the rider. And, of course, how well they hold up in terms of tread wear.

Product Details

Make: Apollo Tyres

Model: Tramplr ST

Type: Enduro Tyres

Size: Front - 100/80-17; Rear - 140/70-17 

Price: Front - Rs 4,500; Rear - Rs 6,000

Photography: Kaustubh Gandhi 

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