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2021 TVS Apache RR 310: First Ride Review

02 September 2021, 12:00 PM Neil Nair


Right Front Three Quarter

The Apache RR 310 has been in the market since 2017 and doesn’t need any introduction. After all, it is the motorcycle that put TVS on the map for its focus on performance. And in these years, the RR310 has received a few updates; the biggest one being the inclusion of ride modes last year. 

Now, we've ridden the RR 310 on the track several times and loved the motorcycle for what it is each time. Although, there were a few elements that were keeping it from being the perfect track tool. And TVS seems to have addressed those concerns now. So we're here at the MMRT to test out the 2021 iteration of the Apache RR 310. For this year's update, TVS has kept its focus on improving performance and aims to take on the updated KTM RC 390 that is due this month. So, what are these changes? And how have they made a difference to how the RR 310 performs on the track? Let’s find out.  

The Visuals

Front View

With its prime focus on performance and the idea of not tampering with what’s not broken, TVS has kept the design and bodywork on the Apache RR 310 untouched. It still features the aggressive front fascia with LED projectors and the signature, shark-inspired tail lamps.  

TVS Apache RR310

TVS Apache RR310

  • Displacement312.2 cc
  • Mileage - Owner Reported30 kmpl
  • Max Power(bhp)33.52 bhp
  • Kerb Weight174 kg
  • ;

Avg. Ex-showroom price

₹ 2,54,489

Rear View

What has changed on the outside though is this special livery. The 2021 model is offered in this race-inspired, One Make Championship colour scheme of red, blue, and white. The bike also comes with red wheels and customers have the option of choosing a personalized number that features on the windscreen.The quality of plastics, as well as the fitment of components, are the same too. And we aren’t complaining. Just like the previous model, the quality of the 2021 Apache RR 310 continues to feel top-notch and premium.  

The Package

Handle Bar

Now, the changes that are offered on the motorcycle are not offered as standard. Instead, TVS is offering an online customisation program that allows customers to purchase different parts online to alter the RR 310 according to their needs. There are two kits on offer. 

Right Rear Three Quarter

The Dynamic kit will get you fully adjustable suspension at both ends as well as a brass-coated chain with anti-rust properties. Meanwhile, the Race kit comes with the race ergo handlebar that is lower than the standard version and offers a sportier riding position. You also have higher-set, knurled footpegs.  

Instrument Cluster

The updates don’t stop here. The 2021 Apache RR 310’s instrument cluster has also been given an update. It now comes with a dynamic rev limiter that functions on the engine temperature and rpm. There also is an overspeed indicator that can be set by the rider and a day trip meter that essentially provides a summary of your trip. It even lets the rider store documents for added convenience. 

The Ride

Front View

Having ridden the Apache RR 310 in stock form and then with the race kit back-to-back gave us a fair idea of what’s changed. The handling on the previous RR 310 was more than commendable, although this version is a level higher. Although not noticeable as soon as you get on, the ride on the race track has surely improved.

Front View

 The adjustable forks make the turn in even more precise and with a few tweaks, the front dives way lesser than the stock setting under hard braking. And on corners, with adjustments to the rear mono shock, there is far lesser weave, which is fairly confidence-inspiring. Meanwhile, the race handlebar, which is positioned 5 degrees inward and 8 degrees downward not only have changed the riding dynamics, it has also improved the wind resistance. 

Right Side View

Although what I liked most is the adjustment to the footpegs that are now 4.5 degrees higher. While the pegs scraped on a couple of corners, the Apache is now able to achieve slightly higher lean angles as compared to the stand

Rear View

ard version. Now all of these changes are done keeping in mind that the Apache RR 310 would also be used in the city and for touring as well.  

Now, there aren’t any changes to its performance. It continues to be strapped with a 312cc, single-cylinder engine that is capable of churning out 33.52bhp and 27.3Nm. However, the mechanical sounds and vibrations seem to have reduced, and with a few tweaks to the exhaust note, the 2021 Apache RR 310 also sounds mildly different.

Our Take

Front View

The last time I rode the Apache RR 310 on the track, I can recall telling my colleagues how close to perfection the motorcycle is. As we found out through our previous experiences, the motorcycle is likable in the city as well as while riding long distances. And while we already liked how it behaves on the track, with the addition of these performance upgrades, the RR 310 now seems like a complete and even more likable motorcycle to ride.

Right Side View

Now if you choose the Dynamic kit, it would cost you Rs 12,000 while the Race kit is priced at Rs 5,000. The special livery costs Rs 4,500 while the Red alloys would set you back by Rs 1500. All of these costs are added to the base price of Rs 2.60 lakh. TVS says that it will offer the Apache RR 310 with the Built To Order (BTO) platform in limited numbers; 100 units a month to be precise.

But if you’ve wanted a sportier version of the RR 310 and hit the track or twisty roads often, these performance upgrades are the way to go. What’s more, even owners of the previous-gen RR 310’s can have most of these parts fitted onto their bikes. So, to conclude, the Built to Order platform as well as the performance kits have added greater value and aspiration to the Apache RR 310, that in our opinion, is a motorcycle that is already priced well.  

Photos by Kapil Angane 


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