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2021 TVS Apache RR 310 BTO Review: Top 5 Reasons to Buy

22 January 2022, 12:52 PM Neil Nair


TVS Apache RR310 Left Side View

Pros: Can be personalised, Gets segment-first features, Premium components 

Cons: Has significant vibrations, Front brake feel could be better

Instead of merely updating and introducing a new version like most other manufacturers do, TVS has given the customer the freedom to choose what they want from their motorcycle in the form of the BTO or Built to Order programme.

And the first model to roll out from this platform is the Apache RR 310 BTO.

We have already ridden the motorcycle on the race track and liked what it had to offer there. But now, we’ve put it to the test in conditions it will be used the most- in the city, on the highway, and twisties. So let us tell you five reasons to buy the motorcycle and two reasons to avoid it.

What is BTO?

TVS Apache RR310 Right Side View

Before we get ahead, let me tell you what the BTO platform is all about. The Built To Order platform is the first of its kind programme in the country. It allows you to easily customize the RR 310 to suit your needs with factory-fitted parts. And there are two kits on offer- the Race Kit and Dynamic kit.

TVS Apache RR310 Rider Footpeg

The Race kit adds Rs 5,000 to the cost and offers knurled footpegs that are positioned 30mm higher than the stock ones. These offer much higher lean angles and solve the issue with the stock footpegs that grazed the tarmac easily. You also get clip-on handlebars that are lower and closer to the rider. While these are sportier and a big plus on a race track, the revised ergonomics mean wrist aches are evident after riding for a few hours in the city.

The second package is the Dynamic Kit which costs Rs 12,000 and that brings us to the first reason you should buy the Apache RR 310 BTO. 

Adjustable suspension

TVS Apache RR310 adjustable suspension
TVS Apache RR310

TVS Apache RR310

  • Displacement312.2 cc
  • Mileage - Owner Reported30 kmpl
  • Max Power(bhp)33.52 bhp
  • Kerb Weight174 kg
  • ;

Avg. Ex-showroom price

₹ 2,59,997

As part of the Dynamic Kit, the RR 310 comes with fully-adjustable 43mm KYB forks at the front. It offers 25-clicks of rebound and damping each and 8-step preload adjustment. Meanwhile, the mono-shock offers 10-step preload adjustment and 20-step rebound adjustability so there is a lot of room to play around with.  Firstly, a full-adjustable suspension is a first in the segment. It is quite uncommon in motorcycles that cost thrice the price of the Apache RR 310. It opens the doors to tweak the motorcycle as per your riding style, road condition, and weight and is quite easy to tune. All you need is a flat head screwdriver and a 14mm spanner.   

TVS Apache RR310 Left Side View

While I weigh 60kg and could tell you the setting in which I am comfortable, the same might not apply to you or your style or the environment you ride in. So I recommend getting the suspension setup right according to your needs or visiting a tuning expert for an even more precise fit. Lastly, the dynamic kit also includes a brass-coated chain. While this not only looks cooler, it also is more durable since brass does not rust like steel chains.

Special livery

TVS Apache RR310 Right Side View

Besides the option to tweak the suspension and revise the ergonomics, the TVS Apache RR 310 BTO also comes with this interesting livery for an additional Rs 4,500. The theme with its bold colours and graphics has been inspired by TVSs One Make Championship RR 310. While this does look unique and turns heads, it might be too flashy for some.  

TVS Apache RR310 Front View

Worry not, because the Apache RR 310 BTO can be had in the standard colours as well as a black colour option with red wheels for an added Rs 1,500. Moreover, customers can also choose a personalised number to have on the windscreen at no additional cost adding to the feel-good factor and the uniqueness of the RR 310 BTO. 

Loaded with features

TVS Apache RR310 Instrument Cluster

Over the years, TVS has strived to bring in some interesting and segment-first tech in the Apache RR 310. While the RR 310 BTO gets no change to its technology, it is worth mentioning as one of the strong reasons to buy the motorcycle. So, there is the full-colour TFT screen with Bluetooth connectivity.  Once paired to a smartphone, the display can show turn-by-turn navigation. In addition to that, the instrument cluster also shows all vital information including service reminder, performance records, a dynamic rev limiter that functions on engine rpm and temperature as well as an overspeed limiter. 

TVS Apache RR310 Head Light

However, the most tempting of its features are the four ride modes- Urban, Rain, Sport, and Track that alter the power output, throttle response, and ABS intervention. And to top it off, the RR 310 also comes with full-LED lighting for the turn signals and tail lamp and an extremely powerful pair of LED projector headlamps.   

Engine performance

TVS Apache RR310 Right Side View

The other reason to consider the Apache RR 310 is the flexible performance it delivers from its 312cc, single-cylinder engine.

On Urban mode, the RR 310 offers 25.8bhp and 25Nm of torque. Here, the torque is concentrated in the lower rev range and the speed is limited to 134kmph. Even the Rain mode offers similar power output although with restrictive throttle response and a highly sensitive ABS. Meanwhile, on Sport mode, the Apache RR 310 delivers a quicker throttle response and the full 34bhp and 27.3Nm on tap.  

TVS Apache RR310 Right Side View

However, in Track mode is where the Apache RR 310 comes alive. Even though the power figures are the same as in Sport mode, the motorcycle delivers an aggressive and precise throttle response. The revs climb faster and the engine screams to 10,500rpm taking the RR 310 to a top speed of 170kmph. But the only kink in its armour is the gearbox that still feels clunky all through the six gears.

Handling abilities

TVS Apache RR310 Front View

The Apache RR 310’s handling prowess has always been its strong point. And the addition of the BTO kits with the adjustable suspension and revised ergonomics has just upped its value. After having set up the suspension as per your needs, the Apache RR 310 BTO can impress in every situation you put it in- be it in the city, the highway, or the weekend ride with twisties.

TVS Apache RR310 Rear Tyre

Adding to the package are the grippy Michelin Road 5 tyres it comes with. These offer superior grip and most importantly confidence to push the RR 310 to its limits. That said, I wished the brakes offered a stronger bite, especially at the front end, which feels a bit spongy and fades away after prolonged use.  

That brings us to the two things that could be better on the Apache RR 310 BTO.

Reasons to avoid it

TVS Apache RR310 Left Side View

For all the added equipment the RR 310 BTO receives, TVS could have included a pair of adjustable levers in the package. Moreover, a pair of tank grips would also be splendid. With the current ergonomics, I ended up sliding to the front of the seat each time I braked, and the constant adjustment gets quite uncomfortable after a while.

TVS Apache RR310 levers

The other aspect that could have been better is the vibrations from the reverse-inclined engine that have haunted the RR 310 ever since it was introduced. While these have subsided considerably with each update, they are still present over 5000rpm on the seat and handlebar.  

TVS Apache RR310 Right Rear Three Quarter

As the revs inch closer to the redline, the buzz increases and can get unnerving over a few hours of riding. That said, the motorcycle continues to have a raw and mechanical sound, which I like, but could put off a few. 


TVS Apache RR310 Right Side View

So, is it worth spending Rs 2.81 lakh and speccing the Apache RR 310 with all the BTO options? Well, in our opinion, the Dynamic kit is a must-have thanks to the freedom of adjustability it offers. You could add the Race kit if you spend your weekends riding on twisties and would like to carry serious lean angles.  The livery though is a subjective matter. If you’d want to grab attention and stand out in a crowd, there’s nothing like it. Or you could save the Rs 4,500 and have it in any of the other subtle colour options.  

TVS Apache RR310 Right Side View

That said, I cannot think of any other sub-600cc motorcycle in the county with as much individuality, adjustability, and fun on offer as the Apache RR 310 BTO. While the upcoming KTM RC 390 is also expected to bring adjustable suspension to the table, it is unlikely to match the value-for-money that the RR 310 offers.   


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