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Okinawa Praise

Okinawa Praise is an electric scooter available at a starting price of Rs. 88,821 in India. It is available in 1 variant and 4 colours. It comes with both front and rear disc brakes.

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Key specs
  • Rated Power1000 W
  • Seat Height800 mm
  • USB charging portYes
  • Max Power 2,500 W

Avg. Ex-showroom price

88,821 Check on-road price
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Okinawa Praise Price


Praise Pro

 88,821Avg. Ex-showroom price 88 Km, 58 Kmph, 2-3 Hrs

Okinawa Praise Summary

Praise key highlights

Riding Range 88 Km
Top Speed 58 Kmph
Battery charging time 2-3 Hrs
Rated Power 1000 W
Seat Height 800 mm
USB Charging Port Yes

About Praise

Okinawa Praise is an electric scooter available at a starting price of Rs. 88,821 in India. It is available in only 1 variant and 4 colours. Okinawa Praise generates 1000 W power from its motor. With both front and rear disc brakes, Okinawa Praise comes up with electronically assisted braking system.

The Praise is Okinawa’s premium electric scooter and sports features to justify its ‘premium’ tag. The e-scooter is available in two variants- Praise and PraisePro. It gets an aggressively styled LED headlamp unit flanked by LED DRLs and turn indicators integrated to the steering unit. It also gets a host of features like a side-stand indicator, anti-theft sensor, keyless entry and find-my scooter. It rides on telescopic forks at the front and dual shock absorbers at the rear. Stopping power comes from dual disc brakes at the front and a disc brake at the rear, a first for this segment.

The Okinawa Praise is powered by a 72V/ 45Ah battery which is being offered in both, VRLA type and Lithium-ion battery configuration. While the VRLA takes around six to eight hours, the lithium-ion batteries take only one hour to charge. The PraisePro is offered only with a lithium-ion battery.

The scooter gets three modes- Eco, Sport and Turbo. In terms of top speed figures, the e-scooter is limited to 30-35kmph in Eco mode, 50-60kmph in Sports mode and 65-70kmph in Turbo mode. The scooter is capable of scaling gradients up to 15 degrees.

The Okinawa Praise is available in three colours- Purple with Black, Blue with Black and Gold with Black. While the more premium PraisePro is offered in two colour shades- Glossy Red Black and Glossy Sparkle Black.
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Why Electric?

  • Running CostYou do not have to pay anything for petrol.
  • StylingThey look cool, trendy and are a bit quirky too.
  • PerformanceThey have instant Torque Delivery, helps in saving time in moving traffic.
  • MaintenanceThey do not have a lot of moving parts, no engine oil or filters.

Okinawa Praise Expert Opinion

  • Good Things

    • Gets a claimed range of 88km 
    • Charging time is limited to 2-3 hours 
    • Gets a handful of features too  
  • Could be Better

    • Asking price is set on the higher side 
    • Unproven electric scooter 
    • Top speed is limited to just 58kmph   

BikeWale's Take

Okinawa offers the Praise as its high-speed electric scooter. It gets a handful of features, a decent claimed range, and a sporty design too. But as of now, the brand and the scooter aren't proven for the market and the asking price too is quite high. 

Okinawa Praise Review

We spent a couple of days with the PraisePro to find out how convenient, frugal and practical it is to live with. 


Pros - Gets impressive features, Delivers decent range, Comes with detachable battery

Cons - Heavy battery pack, Stiff suspension setup, High-set footboard 

Okinawa is one of the promising players in the nascent sector of electric two-wheelers in India. With six models in its portfolio and a strong retail network across the country, the company has already established a strong foothold. Now, to further widen its portfolio, the Gurugram-based manufacturer has introduced the PraisePro

The Pro version is the third member of Praise family which consists of the premium I-Praise Plus with lithium-ion battery and, the more affordable Praise with lead acid battery. The Pro variant is here to sit in between the two for serving the customers with an efficient and modern Li-ion technology, but in a more affordable package than the Plus trim. While that might sound compelling to the prospective e-scooter buyers, we spent a couple of days with the PraisePro to find out how convenient, frugal and practical it is to live with. 


The PraisePro boasts of a design which is typical of an electric two-wheeler - Futuristic! However, inch closer and you tend to get skeptical about its built quality. The overall plastic bodywork feels moderately substandard, if not entirely flimsy. Also, the aluminum-finished panels around the instrument cluster could have been more opulent. The overall body paint, however, appears to be a finished job. The switchgear is also built out of solid plastic and the buttons operate with a tactile feel. 

Well, what the PraisePro mildly lacks in the quality department, it makes up for it with an eye-catchy styling. The sculpted body panels sport aggressive lines all around, while the stylish LED headlamp and tail lamp further accentuate the appeal. The faux air intake on the handlebar-cowl, aluminum-finished bar ends and angular grab rails make for some nice visual touches. Lastly, the 12-inch wheels shod with knobby tyres look rugged and ready for varying road surfaces.


While scooters are expected to offer a neutral riding stance, the PraisePro doesn’t meet the expectations. Courtesy the placement of electric motor underneath, the footboard is set too high resulting in awkwardly folded knees. Not only does this make the foot-down-foot-up action a task in busy traffic but also starts hurting the back even after half an hour of riding. However, considering the short spins the PraisePro is meant to be used for, this shouldn't pose a major problem. Besides that, the seat is wide and comfy and the handlebar is ideally placed, which overcomes the footboard problem to some extent.

Talking about the ride quality, the telescopic forks up front and dual rear shock absorbers are tuned on the stiffer side which evoke solid jolts on rough roads. Thus, going slow through patchy roads and speed breakers is an ideal option. The traffic maneuverability is impressive courtesy of the compact dimensions and light weight. However, reaching the horn switch is a hassle as it is placed above the turn indicator switch. But there’s a second horn button on the right side which is conventionally-placed.


The PraisePro packs a 2kW lithium-ion battery which powers a 1kW BLDC motor rated to produce 2.5kW of peak power. The whole setup works efficiently in favour of the PraisePro. The scooter delivers the traditional torquey experience of an electric two-wheeler, from the moment you wring the accelerator. The surge of torque can be felt from zero rpm which stays until it tops out. Although it is not fairly quick, overtaking slow-moving vehicles in traffic is easily doable. 

However, that was about Sports mode. There’s an Eco mode too which delivers a top speed of around 40kmph in the pursuit of delivering longer range. The acceleration is also quite sluggish. Essentially, this mode is suitable only for quick errands while the Sports mode, with a top speed of about 70kmph, is suitable for slightly longer rides as well. The latter can also be boosted by engaging the Turbo mode which increases the top speed by 4-6kmph. Although the performance of the PraisePro is usable, the accelerator occasionally has a response lag while modulating it at low speeds in traffic. This results in the rider rocking back and forth during on-off acceleration at low speeds. 

The e-scooter is equipped with disc brakes on both ends. While that sounds impressive, the rear brake does a poor job of sloughing off speed as it lacks feel and bite. Here, the front brake comes to rescue as it delivers the necessary stopping power with enough progression to avoid locking the front wheel. 


A comprehensive list of features is a norm amongst electric two-wheelers and the PraisePro does fit the bill in that aspect. Accompanying the scooter key is a remote control sporting four buttons. One of them is the lock key which, once engaged, activates a high-pitched alarm if one switches ON the ignition with the key. You can deactivate this siren by pressing the ‘alarm’ button. However, for preventing the siren from blowing off the next time you start the scooter with the key, you need to ‘unlock’ this feature by the dedicated button when the scooter is off. The remote control also comes with an ignition button for starting the scooter remotely. Once ignited, turning it off requires you to press the ‘lock’ button on the controller while the mechanical key is off.

Fancy as it may sound, the controller-based features are equally confusing and take time to get used to. Also, nearly every button-press on the controller is accompanied by a loud beep sound which can neither be softened nor deactivated.


Now, let’s get down to the prime matter of concern with electric scooters - battery charging. The battery pack of the PraisePro is a 2kW removable unit which comes with an 84V/10A charger.  While this allows for charging the battery safely inside the house, the 12kg weight of the pack makes for a labour-intensive task to remove and carry it around. Moving the battery for charging could be exhaustive for a majority of users. Also, the large battery eats up all the space under the seat and you’re left with just a tiny compartment for storage. Embedded within the key fob, the seat opening function is crude and takes quite an effort to function. However, the scooter gets a pair of large open glove boxes on the front, with USB charging port, while the large footboard is also useful. 

The PraisePro sports a fully-digital instrument cluster which displays speed, RPM, battery level, riding time, odometer and trip meter which resets every time the ignition is turned off. It also displays the activated riding mode in the form of 1 (for ECO), 2 (for Sports) and 3 (for Turbo). The simple layout and clear fonts make the display profoundly legible. We may be asking for too much, but a Bluetooth-compatible console would have added brownie points.

Battery Range

The battery of the PraisePro takes around three to four hours to get fully charged. While the ARAI-claimed battery range in Eco mode stands at 110km, our test returned 87.5km which is acceptable. What’s impressive is that the acceleration was unaffected even after clocking 80km.  

Fitness of Purpose

With the PraisePro, Okinawa has filled the wide price gap between the Praise and i-Praise Plus. It gets the convenience of a removable battery with Lithium-ion technology that is meant to have a longer life cycle, lesser charging time and longer range as compared to the lead acid batteries. Not to forget the nifty features it offers. Now, considering its price tag of Rs 71,990, the PraisePro is competitively priced amongst other electric scooters in India. To give you a perspective, the Ampere Zeal is closely priced at Rs 69,599 (ex-showroom, Delhi) but it gets a smaller battery pack, longer rated charging time, smaller motor and lesser features.

Our Take

The PraisePro is fairly modern, packs in a decent performance and range and looks attention-grabbing. However, the excruciating task of moving the heavy battery pack majorly takes away the convenience factor. Yes, you can install a plug point in your parking area for charging the battery. But, does everyone have a garage secure enough to leave the battery charging for hours? On a different note, we may not spend long hours in the saddle of an electric scooter everyday, but better ergonomics and plusher suspension setup would always be welcome. In a nutshell, the PraisePro fits the bill of eco-friendly and new-age mobility, but there are plenty of rough edges which need to be smoothened for now.

Photography by Kaustubh Gandhi

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Praise Specifications & Features


  • Power & PerformancePower & Performance

    Fuel Type Fuel Type is the type of fuel that an engine uses to operate. The different types include petrol, diesel, electric, and ethanol among others. Electric

    Max Power 2,500 W

    Rated Power Rated power is the continuous power output that an electric motor can generate without overheating. 1000 W

    Fast charging time The time taken for the battery to charge through a manufacturer on a regular charger. No

    Carrying capacity The load carrying capacity certified by a manufacturer. 150 kg

    Battery capacity The battery capacity affects the range of electric vehicles. 3.3 kWh

    Max Torque --

    Transmission Automatic

    Riding Range The total range that a vehicle can travel on a full tank of fuel. 88 Km

    Riding Modes Eco and Sport

    Gradeability The steepness of grade that a motor vehicle is capable of climbing at efficient speed. 7 Degree

    Top Speed The maximum speed that a vehicle can achieve. 58 Kmph

    Battery charging time The time taken for the battery to charge on a regular charger. 2-3 Hrs

    Battery type Battery types majorly include two varieties - Lithium-ion and Lead Acid. Lithium-ion (Detachable Battery)

    No. Of Batteries 1

    Portable Battery Yes

    Swappable Battery No

    Motor type The type of motor used by an electric vehicle. BLDC motor(Waterproof)

    Charger Type Portable Charger

    Charger output Charger output suggest the voltage at which a charger can recharge a battery. A bigger capacity charger can recharge the battery at a faster rate. 84V 10A Micro Charger with Auto Cut

    View more specs
  • Brakes, Wheels & SuspensionBrakes, Wheels & Suspension

    Braking System Braking system is used to reduce the speed of the vehicle or bring it to a standstill. E-ABS

    Front Brake Type Most vehicles feature a disc brake at the front although some commuter segment products come with a drum setup. Disc

    Front Brake Size Front brake size indicates the size of the disc or drum setup at the front wheel. --

    Rear Wheel Size Rear wheel size indicates the diameter of the rear wheel. 12 inch

    Front Tyre Size Front tyre size indicate the profile of the front tyre. 90/90-12 Tubeless

    Rear Tyre Size Rear tyre size indicates the profile of the rear tyre. 90/90-12 Tubeless

    Rear Brake Type Most vehicles come with a drum brake setup at the back although higher spec models feature a disc brake at the rear. Disc

    Rear Brake Size Rear brake size indicates the size of the disc or drum setup at the front wheel. --

    Calliper Type --

    Wheel Type Wheel types include two types - Wire-spoke and Alloy wheels. Alloy

    Front Wheel Size Front wheel size indicates the diameter of the front wheel. 12 inch

    Tyre Type Tyre types are divided into two - Tubeless and Tube Type. Tubeless

    Radial Tyres Radial tyres use steel belts that run at a 90-degree angle with the tread line. No

    Front Suspension Front suspension usually includes telescopic forks. Hydraulic Telescopic Suspension

    Rear Suspension Rear suspension setup mostly uses a rear mono-shock. Double Shocker with Dual Tube Technology

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  • Dimensions & ChassisDimensions & Chassis

    Kerb Weight Kerb weight of the motorcycle is the total weight of a vehicle that is ready for operation. It includes all standard equipment and necessary consumables. --

    Overall Length Overall length of the vehicle is the total length of a two-wheeler from the front to the back. 1,970 mm

    Overall Width Total width of the vehicle. 745 mm

    Wheelbase The wheelbase is the distance between the front and the rear wheel. --

    Ground Clearance The ground clearance is the distance between the ground and the lowest point of a vehicle. 175 mm

    Seat Height The seat height is the height of the rider's saddle from the ground. 800 mm

    Overall Height Overall height is the tallest point of a motorcycle, usually the mirror or the top of a windscreen. 1,165 mm

    Chassis Type The chassis type is the primary/main frame of a two-wheeler. --

    View more specs
  • Manufacturer WarrantyManufacturer Warranty

    Battery warranty A battery warranty promises to repair or replace the battery (for a specified timeframe) if it malfunctions. 3 Year

    Motor warranty Motor warranty promises to repair or replace the motor (for a specified timeframe) if it malfunctions. 3 Year


Parking assist Parking assists the rider move the vehicle back by using acceleration. This feature will always have a speed limit. No

Odometer Odometer keeps the track of the total kilometres travelled by a vehicle in its lifetime. Digital

Cruise Control Not Available



Stand AlarmNo

Regenerative breaking The Regenerative Braking system converts the kinetic energy during deceleration and stores it in the vehicle's battery. Yes

Reverse mode Reverse mode allows the rider to reverse a vehicle with the use of the engine. inclines. Yes

Touch screen display Touchscreen display makes toggling between options or accessing features easier than the button-operated method. No

DRLs (Daytime running lights) Daytime Running Lights, as the name suggest, are the lights that stay ON when the main headlight is switched off. This feature makes a vehicle easily visible in the rear view mirror of other vehicles. Yes

Mobile App Connectivity Mobile App Connectivity connects the smartphone to the instrument cluster via Bluetooth to offer access to features such as incoming calls, messages, and music. No

GPS & Navigation GPS & Navigation function works via Bluetooth to deliver directions on the instrument cluster. No

OTA Updates Not Available

Call/SMS Alerts No

Central locking system Central Locking System is a safety feature that is activated using the key of the two-wheeler. Yes

Artificial sound Electric vehicles do not have the same sound as an internal combustion engine. Thus, some manufacturers use an onboard speaker to deliver an artificial sound that mimics an internal combustion engine. No

Hill Assist Hill Assist feature ensures that a vehicle does not roll back on an incline. No

Anti theft system Anti Theft System is a security system that triggers an alarm when someone tries to tamper with a vehicle. Yes

Geo fencing Geo Fencing limits the use of an electric vehicle in a pre-defined region. Owner can set the distance that a vehicle can ride from the starting point. No

Start/stop button Start/Stop Button is used to start or stop the engine. It is usually located on the right-side of the switchgear. Yes

USB charging port A USB charging port can be used to charge devices on the go. The feature, which is either available as standard or via accessories, can come handy to recharge devices such as smartphones while riding a vehicle. Yes

Front storage box Yes

Under seat storage Yes

Stepped SeatNo

No. of Tripmeters1

Tripmeter TypeDigital

Low Battery IndicatorYes

Pillion BackrestNo

Pillion GrabrailYes

Pillion SeatYes

Pillion FootrestYes

Start TypeElectric Start

Shift LightNo



Headlight TypeLED

Brake/Tail LightLED

Turn SignalLED

Pass LightYes

Additional featuresKeyless Entry, Find My Scooter Function, Mobile Charging USB Port, Motor Walk Assist(Front/Reverse Motion), Boot Space of 7ltr, Stylish Aluminium Alloy Wheel, Adjustable Brake Lever, Large Front Storage Space, Large Foot Space, LED Rear Winkers, Licence Plate Lamp, Aerodynamic Design

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Okinawa Praise User Reviews

2.9 293 ratings 123 reviews
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  •  1Review 3 days ago by Anup Kumar, Ranchi

    Service and maintenance whenever you go for servicing, service is not done in 1 day. If you want to install even a small nut. And their mechanic who has absolutely no knowledge about this vehicle. After giving it for servicing, the vehicle never comes to the service cen

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    • Used it for

      Daily Commute

    • Owned for

      6 months-1 yr

    • Ridden for

      5000-10000 kms

  •  1Very bad 1 week ago by Manikandan, Namakkal

    worst bike. My bike 7th-month mileage problem so service. The engineer told battery problem so I come 60 days after. My bike is more time running only service center only.No spare battery is available. The service engineer told me more about the bike battery problems so

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    • Used it for

      Daily Commute

    • Owned for

      6 months-1 yr

    • Ridden for

      5000-10000 kms

  •  1Its like a garbage 4 weeks ago by Abhishek Agnihotri, Rewa

    Battery backup is very low. It runs less than 30 km after full charging. The dealer doesn't have cdm (charging discharging test machine). Model name praise pro. When I purchase this bike dealer told me it will run 80-90 km on a single charge, after this performance, I s

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    • Used it for

      Daily Commute

    • Owned for

      > 1 yr

    • Ridden for

      10000-15000 kms

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  •  1Worst service ever 1 month ago by Vanshika, New Delhi

    The worst electric vehicle company ever. I would not recommend anyone to buy anything from Okinawa. They just claim everything at the time of selling their product but when the customer is facing any issues with it. They would simply back off. Wasted all our money here.

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    • Used it for


    • Owned for

      > 1 yr

    • Ridden for

      < 5000 kms

  •  1Under warranty replacement service too much slow 1 month ago by Shakil Shaikh, Jalgaon

    After 1.5 yr suddenly backup was reduced up to 25km per charge, Under warranty replacement service is too slow & service battery is also not available So service should be updated. I have 6 Okinawa bike's in my friend circle. Request to improve service at least extra se

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    • Used it for

      Daily Commute

    • Owned for

      > 1 yr

    • Ridden for

      10000-15000 kms

  •  1Review 1 month ago by Vijay Singh, Mumbai

    Servicing and maintenance are very poor & showroom person's commitment is wrong. The showroom person does not know free & discount.

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    • Used it for


    • Owned for

      3-6 months

    • Ridden for

      < 5000 kms

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FAQs about Okinawa Praise

  • Q: What is the on-road price of Okinawa Praise in 2023?

    A: The 2023 on-road price of Okinawa Praise in Delhi is Rs. 1,04,791. This on-road price includes the ex-showroom price, RTO and insurance charges.
  • Q: Which is better Okinawa Praise or Ampere Magnus EX?

    A: Okinawa Praise is priced at Rs. 88,821, has a top speed of 58 Kmph, range of 88 Km and takes 2-3 Hrs hours to charge, whereas, the price of Ampere Magnus EX is Rs. 81,833 with a top speed of 53 Kmph, giving a range of 121 Km and a charging time of 6-7 Hrs. You can compare Okinawa Praise vs Ampere Magnus EX based on their detailed specifications, features, prices and reviews.
  • Q: What are the colour options of Okinawa Praise?

    A: Okinawa Praise is available in 4 colours which are Glossy Red Black, Glossy Sparkle Black, Glossy Blue Black and Glossy Golden Black. You can check all the colour images of Okinawa Praise.
  • Q: What are the key specifications of Okinawa Praise?

    A: Okinawa Praise is an electric bike that comes with a 1000 W motor which gives a range of 88 Km, and a top speed that goes uptil 58 Kmph. It has a charging time of 2-3 Hrs. You can check the full specifications and features.

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