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Honda CB350 Custom accessories explained: Details, Pricing and Availabilty in India

06 March 2023, 05:40 PM Neil Nair
Honda CB350 Custom accessories explained: Details, Pricing and Availabilty in India

Honda has recently launched an entire range of accessories for the Royal Enfield Hunter 350-rivalling CB350 range. However, instead of selling these as individual parts, Honda has taken a different route and is offering the accessories as kits instead. And there are six in total- four for the H’ness CB350 and two for the CB350 RS. Let’s have a look at what they are.

H’ness CB350 Café Racer 

Honda CB350RS Right Side View

Let’s start off with the most eye-catching of the lot- the Café Racer Custom accessory package for the H’ness CB350. It lends an even more old-school appeal to the modern-retro motorcycle. What you get is a wraparound headlamp cowl with a fairing and a pillion seat cowl in proper café racer style. Sprinkling it with some more retro-ness is the fork gaiters that now come as standard on the 2023 CB350. 

Honda CB350RS Right Side View

While the Highness was already adorned with chrome, Honda has gone ahead and added a chrome garnish on the side panels as part of the Café Racer Custom kit. In addition to this, the package will also come with an engine crash guard and a petite sump guard. All of this will cost you Rs 22,200 and is the most expensive kit out of the six. 

CB350 RS Café Racer

Honda CB350RS Right Side View

In a similar taste to the H’ness CB350, the CB350RS is also offered with a Café Racer kit which costs Rs 17,500. Just like its sibling, this kit for the CB350RS also comes with a headlamp and pillion seat cowl. It features fork gaiters and an engine guard too. 

Honda CB350RS Right Side View

But compared to the H’ness CB350, it looks slightly more modern thanks to the blacked-out parts. Besides this, Honda has also offers rim stickers and a brushed aluminum finish to the handlebars. 

CB350 RS SUV Custom

Honda CB350RS Left Side View

However, if you want to keep things uncomplicated on your CB350 RS, Honda is offering a kit called the SUV Custom. Now this package equips the motorcycle with knuckle guards that feel solid and well built. You also get a flyscreen, rim strips, small pannier stays and engine crash bars too. All of it is priced at Rs 7,500. 

H’ness CB340 Solo Carrier

Honda CB350RS Right Side View

And since we are talking about keeping this simple and uncomplicated, there is the Solo Carrier Custom accessory pack for the H’ness CB350. This kit transforms the CB350 into a single seater by replacing it with a carrier that would be just enough to mount a tail bag for the weekend getaway. 

Honda CB350RS Left Side View

The kit also includes a flyscreen, chrome garnish on the side panels and engine crash bars like the other options. It would cost you Rs 16,200.

H’ness CB350 Tourer

Honda CB350RS Right Side View

But if you plan on touring with the H’ness CB350, there is the Tourer Custom kit for Rs 17,600. Not only does it get knuckle guards, engine guards and a sump guard, the accessory package also includes a large windscreen, large pannier stays and a tail rack as well. Moreover, Honda has also changed the footrests to be wider and flatter for overall long-distance riding comfort. 

H’ness CB350 Comfort

Honda CB350RS Left Side View

Well, there also is a kit called the Comfort Custom that takes almost everything from the Touring package. However, instead of the tail rack, this kit comes with a pillion backrest. It will cost you Rs 16,500.


Now, these accessories offered on the CB350 are way more comprehensive than the ones on the Royal Enfield Hunter 350. However, there is a catch. Unlike the latter, Honda is only offering the accessory packages as a whole. And as of now, customers cannot buy individuals parts from these kits. With that being said the kits will be installed at a dealership level and customers will receive the stock parts of the CB350 as well opening the door to a variety of customization options. Moreover, these kits can be used by existing customers too.

Besides the packages, the H’ness CB350 and CB350 RS remain the same mechanically and in terms of features too. So, it continues with a 348cc engine that offers 20.78bhp and 30Nm. However, Honda has given the H’ness CB350 and CB350 RS slight updates for 2023. So the different seat you see here, which comes with softer cushioning and the fork gaiters will now be offered as standard on all bikes sold from now.

Honda CB350RS [2021-2022]

Honda CB350RS [2021-2022]

  • Displacement348.36 cc
  • Mileage - Owner Reported36 kmpl
  • Max Power(bhp)20.78 bhp
  • Kerb Weight179 kg
  • ;

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