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Future BMW electric motorcycle to feature wireless charging

28 December 2019, 01:20 PM Janak Sorap
Future BMW electric motorcycle to feature wireless charging

- Wireless charging to feature in future BMW electric motorcycle

- Will not be as quick as plug-in type charging

- Also applicable on conventional motorcycles to keep the battery charged

Soon after BMW Motorrad unveiled the E-Power Roadster prototype featuring a 2-series plugin hybrid, the Bavarian bike maker has now showcased a wireless charging feature that will be offered on its future electric motorcycle. Just like premium smartphones which simply required the device to be placed on top of the wireless docking pad, BMW has devised a side stand which when rested on a charging pad installed in the ground will automatically charge the batteries.

BMW R1200 R Exterior

With this setup, the user does not have to deal with the hassle on charging cables on a day-to-day basis, making the ownership experience more troublefree. However, in comparison to plug-in charging, wireless charging will not be that quick, which is the only drawback of the whole concept. But, considering that the side stand will be physically in contact with the charging pad, the charging rate should be better to conventional forms of electric vehicle wireless charging wherein there used to be a considerable gap between the EV’s underbody and the charging pad.

On the other hand, this technology could also be implemented for conventional motorcycles as well. It is during the period when motorcyclists opt to store away their bikes when not riding or travelling. The wireless charging function over here will keep the battery charged and in good health, ready to crank the motor when needed.


BMW R1200 R

BMW R1200 R

  • Displacement1,170 cc
  • Max Power(bhp)124 bhp
  • Kerb Weight274 kg
  • ;

Last known Avg. Ex-showroom price

₹ 15,04,985

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