Hero Honda Hunk vs Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler

15 March 2012, 06:00 PMAbhishek Saksena


Honda and Hero Honda partnership has resulted in two rather closely matched motorcycles. At least on paper. Let’s find out which one is the better buy.

The relationship lasted 26 years and in that time Honda provided Hero (Honda) with different engines. There was the venerable 100cc sloper, which powers virtually everything from the CD Dawn to the Splendor and now the NXG. And then there was the 156cc CBZ that kicked off the 150 segment. The Karizma then upped the game with a 223cc powerplant. So it comes as a bit of a surprise that the only engine Honda and Hero Honda now share in their current respective product portfolios is the 150 that debuted on the Unicorn. It powers three models in the Hero stable and two in the Honda. Honda came up with the CB Unicorn Dazzler and Hero Honda recently upgraded the Hunk. Both are closely matched, be it the specs or their respective prices. So we decided to bring the two together and find out which one makes for a better buy.

While the Dazzler is the all grown up and sedate, the Hunk is the young at heart, the fanatic. Now, both are sportily designed, and are quite similar. They both sport faired headlamps, tank extensions, swept up end cans, big comfortable seats with a pronounced step, high tails, digital instrumentation, blacked out chassis parts, et al.

The Dazzler though divides opinions and you either like it or hate it. The Hunk on the other hand is the easier to like. The design elements gel well and the overall effect is more pleasing to the eye. The Dazzler looks like a mish mash of shapes with aims to achieve a sporty design quite apparent. The end result however is not so agreeable.


CB Unicorn Dazzler Exterior

On the mechanical front, again there are a few similarities. Both are based on a single down tube diamond type frame with the engine as a stressed member. Suspension duties are handled by telescopic shocks up front. The difference is in the Dazzler running a monoshock and the Hunk a twin shock gas charged set up at the rear. Tyre sizes also differ with wider tyres on 17in wheels on the Dazzler and relatively slimmer 18in on the Hunk.

So it’s established that the two are more similar than different, but ride them back to back and you won’t believe the contrast between them as far as engine characteristics and gearbox refinement are concerned.

The riding position though is spot on without being too sporty yet comfortable on long rides. What surprised us was the difference in the engine behaviour of the two despite being essentially the same powerplant and roughly in similar states of tune.

Despite its few shortcomings it was the Hunk that we wanted to ride, thanks to the more involving ride experience. There is a slight difference in outright performance too, the Hunk being quicker, albeit taking half a second more to reach a lower top speed. For all its prowess, the Hunk is outshone in the roll-on times by the Dazzler.

The ride quality is better on the Dazzler, the monoshock setup soaking up road aberrations well. There aren’t many jolts and vibrations to be felt either. Now the Hunk isn't bad either but the abilities of the twin shock setup though are limited in comparison, leading to a slightly fi rmer ride. On the handling front it's a stalemate. While the sportier ergonomics on the Hunk give the rider more confi dence around corners, the Dazzler feels slightly more potent thanks to smaller wheels, despite a commuter stance.

While braking duties are handled by similar spec discs on both bikes they aren't the best on either. The bite offered is good but they feel spongy. The MRF tyres on both the bikes are the key here offering similar grip under braking. The rear brakes are not vicious and feel like drum brakes, which is a good thing.


CB Unicron Dazzler Engine

CB Unicorn Dazzler -Rear set pegs (below) are sportier. Gas charged dampers (right) work well. Rear brake is a 220mm unit.

On the Dazzler and you go into the arms of serenity. The engine is smooth and so is the gearbox. Each shift is precise and slick. Riding position is upright and commuter orientated and very relaxed. Perfect for daily commutes.

Hunk Engine

Hunk -The smoother iteration of the engine (left) is on the Dazzler. It is also slightly less powerful of the two. Commuter stance means that toe-only shifter is forward set (above)

On the Hunk, you are riding an errant stallion (or is it a bull) that needs taming. The engine vibrates from low in the rev range and does that all the way to the redline. The gearbox too isn’t the best. The shifts seem sticky and need a firm shove of the foot to engage all the while being notchy.


CB Unicorn Dazzler (mm)

CB Unicorn Dazzler Overall Dimension

Hunk (mm)

Hunk Overall Dimension


Last known Ex-showroom price

41 Used Hero Hunk bikesstarting at 16,000


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