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MRF launches Revz-FC1 & Revz-C1 tyres for Duke 390 & RC390

27 February 2015, 10:28 AM Ranjan R. Bhat
MRF launches Revz-FC1 & Revz-C1 tyres for Duke 390 & RC390

MRF has introduced a new set of tyres called the Revz-FC1 and Revz-C1 for the KTM Duke 390 and the RC390. These tyres come in the exact sizes as the Pirelli Metzler Sportec that come as standard in the two motorcycles. 

Except for deeper grooves at the extreme edges, both the Revz-FC1 and Revz-C1 are similar to the Revz-FC and Revz-C tyres. While the Chennai-based tyre manufacturer does supply the stock tyres for the smaller Duke 200 and the RC200 models, KTM decided to offer the imported Pirelli tyres for the bigger 390cc motorcycles. While these tyres have earned kudos for their excellent grip, their relatively short life (10,000kms, depending on your riding style) and the exorbitantly high price (Rs 16,000 a set) have made the owners feel the pinch. 

The front Revz-FC1 tyre is 110/70/17 while the rear Revz-C1 tyre is 150/60/17. As a set, these tyres cost Rs 6,285, making them almost Rs 10,000 cheaper than the Metzlers. While the MRFs might not be able to provide the same levels of grip as the Metzlers, we are sure that there are many Duke 390 and RC390 owners who are grinning ear to ear right now. 

Pirelli on the other hand, is also working on developing a new set of tyres for the Duke 390 and the RC390. While the current Metzler Sportecs are developed to handle speeds upto 270kmph, the new range would be limited to 230kmph, which should help increase its life and lower its price. Our sources indicated that these tyres would be available as OEM, and will be exported as well.

KTM 390 Adventure [2021]

KTM 390 Adventure [2021]

  • Displacement373 cc
  • Mileage - Owner Reported28 kmpl
  • Max Power(bhp)42.3 bhp
  • Kerb Weight163 kg
  • ;

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