Pulsar brand attracts XDL championship series in India

26 December 2012, 05:57 PMPratheek Kunder
Pulsar brand attracts XDL championship series in India


The Pulsar brand has attracted the attention of the XDL championship series, which now wants to hold at least a round or two in the subcontinent. The XDL Championship Series is the premier stunt riding championship in the world and attracts competitors from theU.S., Asia andEurope. No other stunt riding championship has been around as long as XDL, which over the years has led to a large international following in countries such as India, Indonesia, Thailand, France, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya etc.

The institute is in talks with the International Motorcycling Federation (FIM) and with countries who are interested in hosting XDL events. Randy Grube, founder of XDL says, “All I can say for certain today is that next year, the FIM will have a series, and that next year, we will have events inIndia. Whether we are FIM-sanctioned or not is still to be determined. 

“The Pulsar motorcycle brand is pushing for us to do this. The money is in place. The XDL is in place. In Pulsar’s advertising, it’s all stunts. So, we’re working with them right now to plan the events for next year. I was also approached by a European organizer about them using XDL formats and rules. That conversation made it clear that there’s no ‘Europe’; every country has its own event or two and its own rules. In the eyes of the Europeans, XDL is the only entity with a clear rule set that’s been tested and improved over time”, said Randy Grube. 

If stunting becomes a sport inIndialike it has in many developed markets, it will lend legitimacy to it.  If – when – the XDL makes its way toIndia, we hope that it actively helps in furthering the discipline of motorcycle stunt riding, and helps dispel the widespread notion that stunt riders are simply anarchic motorcycle riders with more talent than brains.

Source: Cycleworld.com

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