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Yamaha Fascino vs Hero Maestro Edge: Comparison Test

25 July 2016, 02:19 PM Ranjan R. Bhat


As much as I would love to strut around on a Vespa, the sky-high pricing makes it an absurd proposition for people like me. The Yamaha Fascino on the other hand, offers similar perks for a lot less. Sure, it might not have the heritage of the Italian supermodel, but its neo-retro looks are good enough to plaster a broad smile on your face. And if the sales numbers are anything to go by, the Indian audience thinks so too. 

But once you put its ‘lifestyle vehicle’ tag aside, is the Fascino capable enough to take on the best of the lot? Just about when it had its butt settled on the 110cc scooter segment throne, we decided to have the Hero Maestro Edge don its armour and duel it out with the Yamaha Fascino.

Looks & Styling

The approach towards the styling of these two scooters couldn’t be more different. The Yamaha Fascino is being pitched as a lifestyle vehicle for the youth and gets a mix of retro and contemporary styling. The front looks smooth and elegant, complete with neo-retro styling, while the rest of it gets a curvy and flowing design. The instrument console might be a simple analogue unit, but it blends in perfectly with the scooter’s character.

The Hero Maestro Edge on the other hand, is purely contemporary. The Maestro Edge ditches its predecessor’s curves to adopt sharper lines, which do a good job of hiding the scooter’s bulk. The rear also gets a very distinctive look thanks to the LED tail lamp unit and the large single-piece grab handle. Both the scooters come in an array of matte finishes, though the Maestro Edge is an inch ahead in terms of paint quality.

Had it not been for the Fascino, the Maestro Edge could have easily walked off as the best looking scooter in this market space. But here is the problem with contemporary styling - it has a really short shelf life. Retro on the other hand, never goes out of fashion.

Hero Maestro Edge: 6

Yamaha Fascino: 7


Ergonomics & Quality

Both the Maestro Edge and Fascino get upright ergonomics, which make them comfortable and fun to ride at the same time. Both have a point-and-shoot nature which is thoroughly enjoyable for a quick dash across the town. Six-foot plus giants though, will have to get used to the handlebar brushing against their knees every time they take a U-turn.

The higher set handlebar and firm seats make the Maestro Edge better suited for long rides. Even when it comes to pillion comfort, the spacious seat and footpeg placement make it a comfortable ride. Build quality wise, the Fascino feels sturdier and should hold up to some abuse. Even the plastic and switchgear quality is top notch. The seat on the Fascino feels cushier and is ideal for short spins. What let it down are the few flimsy bits like the mirrors (which refused to screw back on) and the uneven panel gaps. 

Hero Maestro Edge 110

Hero Maestro Edge 110

  • Displacement110.9 cc
  • Mileage - Owner Reported45 kmpl
  • Max Power(bhp)8 bhp
  • Kerb Weight112 kg
  • ;

Avg. Ex-showroom price

₹ 64,922

Hero Maestro Edge: 7

Yamaha Fascino: 6

Features & Technology

The Hero Maestro Edge is quite the benchmark in the segment when it comes to creature comforts. It gets a USB charger, digital display in the instrument console, LED tail lamp, boot light, integrated brake system and an immobilizer. The access to the external fuel cap can be opened directly though the ignition slot, and so can the underseat compartment. The VX version that we have here also gets alloy wheels and a lockable front storage compartment.

The Fascino on the other hand, is quite old-school even when it comes to features. Storage options are limited to 21-litre underseat compartment, a hook below the seat and a cubbyhole near the ignition key slot. It gets nothing which can be termed as a creature comfort, not even parking lights or a brake lock. Not something that you would expect from such an expensive scooter.

Hero Maestro Edge: 6

Yamaha Fascino: 3

Engine & Performance

The 110cc engine in the Maestro Edge makes a healthy 8.3bhp, which is a handy horsepower ahead of the Fascino. The initial throttle response will see you pull ahead off the line, though the 110 kilogram bulk eventually catches up with the Maestro Edge, and so does the lighter Fascino. The performance is delivered with a fair share of vibrations, though this is something which you can get used to. Post the initial burst of power, both the scooters are pretty much on par with each other. Both the scooters have an impressive 50kmph to 60kmph roll-on acceleration, which comes handy while overtaking.

The Fascino’s 113cc engine develops 7.1bhp, though the difference in real world riding isn’t noticeable. Pin it off the line and the Fascino fails to replicate the spirited response of the Maestro Edge, something we attribute to the economy-focussed tuning of the engine and the CVT transmission. However, as you gather steam, the power delivery smoothens out and the throttle becomes more responsive. The Fascino feels even more vibey at idle and slow speeds, though these do taper down as you gather momentum. 

Hero Maestro Edge: 4

Yamaha Fascino: 4

Ride, Handling & Braking

The Fascino is the smaller of the two, and feels more nimble to dart across traffic. The lower handlebar and compact proportions make it eager to turn-in and filter through the traffic. The suspension setup leaves a lot to be desired as the dearth of proper damping can make the ride too harsh on your wrists and spine. The Fascino comes with drum brakes front and back, which have a good initial bite and do a decent job of stopping the scooter.

Despite the Fascino’s eagerness to turn-in, it is the Maestro Edge feels which feels more athletic of the two, thanks to the better initial throttle response. Even as the speeds increase, the Maestro Edge feels more planted and is better at dealing with the sudden pothole that you might fail to evade. It not only insulates the shocks better, but also feels more stable on highways. The Maestro Edge comes kitted with Hero's proprietary Integrated Braking System which automatically activates the front brakes whenever the rear brakes are pulled. This system essentially reduces your reliance on the front brakes and is quite useful for novices. 

Hero Maestro Edge: 6

Yamaha Fascino: 5.5

Fuel Efficiency

The Yamaha Fascino comes armed with Blue Core, a technology squarely aimed at maximising the engine’s efficiency. It minimises power losses through smart engineering, eventually improving the efficiency without compromising on the performance. And this is evident by the 54.19kmpl that the Fascino returned on our standard test route. The Maestro Edge’s superiority in the performance department takes a toll on the efficiency, though it is not very far behind, returning 51.2kmpl.

Hero Maestro Edge: 4

Yamaha Fascino: 5

Price & Warranty

The Yamaha Fascino might seem like a value for money proposition when looked upon as a Vespa rival. Here though, I am finding it hard to justify its Rs 67,500 (on-road, Mumbai) price tag. Sure, the lifestyle tag gives it the right to demand a premium, but the Maestro Edge makes the Fascino look absurdly overpriced. With an on-road price of Rs 66,110 (Mumbai), the Maestro Edge proves that it isn’t necessary to break the bank to get your hands on a technologically loaded all-round scooter. 

Hero Maestro Edge: 7

Yamaha Fascino: 7



This one is quite easy. The Yamaha Fascino, no explanation needed.

Hero Maestro Edge: 5

Yamaha Fascino: 6


Yamaha Fascino: Rank 2

As an overall package, the Yamaha Fascino ticks all the boxes for anyone looking for an unconventional scooter. It is stylish, fuel-efficient and comes with Japanese reliability, which so far has been enough to shoot it to the top of Yamaha’s sales charts. It might also seem like a better value for money proposition than the Vespa. But in the company of the Maestro Edge, the Fascino just doesn’t make the cut. If you can live without all the creature comforts and don’t mind the stiff ride, then it still make sense to go for the Fascino. But in today’s age, when scooters are expected to do a lot more than just transport you from point A to point B, you have to look no further than…

Hero Maestro Edge: Rank 1

Yes, it has its quirks. No, it isn’t perfect. But for now, the Hero Maestro Edge can sit back and relax on its throne. Easy to use, practical and fun to ride, the Maestro Edge is the closest you can get to a perfect all-round scooter. With smart features and looks to attract the youth and practicality to appeal to the older generation, the Maestro Edge has struck the perfect compromise. Add to that the assurance of Hero's widespread service network and the bulletproof five year/70,000km warranty, and Hero has one helluva scooter on its hands.

Photography: Kapil Angane

Final Scores

 Parameters/Models  Max Points Hero Maestro Edge VX Yamaha Fascino
 Rank    1  2
 Looks & styling  10


 Ergonomics & Quality  10 7 6
 Features & Technology  10  6 3
 Engine & Gearbox  10 4 4
 Performance  10 4 4
 Ride quality  10 6 5
 Handling & Braking  10 6 6
 Fuel Efficiency  10 4 5
 Price & Warranty  10 7 7
 Desirablility  10 5  6
 Total  100 55 53
 Price (OTR, Mumbai)   Rs 66,110 Rs 67,500


 MAKE Hero  Yamaha
 Model Maestro Edge VX


 Engine Type Air-cooled Air-cooled
 Capacity 110.9cc 113cc
 Max Power  8.3bhp  7bhp
 Max Torque  8.3Nm  8.1Nm
 Gearbox CVT CVT
 Chassis Under bone  Under bone
 Supension F  Telescopic Telescopic
 Suspension R  Mono shock Mono shock
 Brakes F  130mm drum 130mm
 Brakes R 130mm drum 130mm
 Tyre F 90/100-12 Tubeless  90/100-10 Tubeless
 Tyre R 90/100-10 Tubeless  90/100-10 Tubeless
 Fuel Tank  5.5 litres  5.2 litres
 LxWxH  1841mm x 695mm x 1190mm 1815mm x 675mm x 1120mm
 Wheelbase  1261mm 1270mm 
 Kerb Weight  110kg  103kg
 Price (OTR, Mumbai) Rs 66,110  Rs 67,500
 Warranty 5 years/70,000kms   2 years/24,000kms


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