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2021 Viaterra Claw Mini Tail Bag Review: Introduction

26 December 2021, 01:06 PM Vikrant Singh


KTM 390 Adventure Rear View

This is the latest iteration of the Viaterra Claw Mini. Compared to the bag it replaces, it can carry more; it looks and feels more premium; and it has a few more handy inclusions. The bag is claimed to carry around 48 litres. It uses high denier fabric. And it’s replete with pockets. 

Now, the Claw is a very unique tail bag. Its design gives it all the practicality and handiness of a tail bag, but with an additional shot of storage courtesy its legs which double up as mini saddlebags. It also makes it more secure when mounted on a motorcycle’s pillion seat courtesy those legs.

And as it turns out, the Claw range (which includes the Mini’s 72-litre elder sibling) is also one of best selling products from Viaterra. 

Our plan with the Claw Mini is to see how flexible a two-wheeler luggage it can be. And we say two-wheeler instead of motorcycle, because we will run the Mini on a scooter as well along with the motorcycles we have in the garage. Mainly, to see if the bag can compensate for some storage handicap on the scooter. 

But that’s for a latter report. For now, let’s see what the Claw Mini is all about. 

The Construction

KTM 390 Adventure Right Side View
KTM 390 Adventure [2021]

KTM 390 Adventure [2021]

  • Displacement373 cc
  • Mileage - Owner Reported28 kmpl
  • Max Power(bhp)42.3 bhp
  • Kerb Weight163 kg
  • ;

Avg. Ex-showroom price

₹ 3,28,809

As with most Viaterra motorcycle luggage, the Claw Mini too is constructed using 1200D high-denier fabric. The material is designed to take abuse against both, the elements as well as unexpected falls and unpleasant coming together with hard and sharp motorcycle parts. It also feels thick and solid to the touch, and looks both durable and premium. 

Furthermore, there’s Molle webbing on the front and rear of the bag to help attach additional luggage over the Mini if need be. There are two carry handles on the side. And the bag comes with both zip and buckle closure for the top flap. The latter can be used as compression straps to pack the Claw tighter.

KTM 390 Adventure Top View

Inside, the Claw Mini is lined with a grey coloured fabric rated at 150D. But to make the bag properly waterproof, it also comes with a removable liner. The liner is attached to the bag via Velcro and can be easily pulled out if there’s ever a need to clean it. And, of course, there’s roll top closure under the top flap to further ensure effective waterproofing.

And if that wasn’t enough, there’s also an external rain cover that’s included. Clearly, Viaterra didn’t want to leave any stone unturned here.

According to Viaterra, the bag also comes with triple stitched joints and bar tacked stress points for improved strength and better reinforcement; there’s foam padding on the sides to help retain the bag’s shape better; plastic reinforcements have been employed on the corners to improve durability; and the Mini uses YKK pullers, sliders, and zipper tape for both higher longevity and smoother operation.   

The Features

KTM 390 Adventure Top View

Feature wise, it’s the storage of the bag that really impresses. Apart from the main compartment, the Claw Mini also comes with numerous handy pockets. 

There’s one as part of the top flap that’s good to hold thin items like a wet wipe box or a hand sanitiser. Then there’s one mesh pocket on the inside of the flap, complete with a key hook, to hold paper, a book, maybe even a kindle or an iPad.

You also get roomy flap pockets on both sides of the bag that can hold water bottles, a coffee tumbler, a can of chain spray, tools, or even your overnight clothes and toiletry bag. Plus, there are zippered pockets built into the flap covers themselves to throw in even more items; provided these are slim like the rain cover or the bag’s shoulder strap.

KTM 390 Adventure Left Side View

And lest we forget, you also get four small pockets on the legs of the bag. These are mainly there to hold the extra length of the mounting strap once mounted, or to roll and pack the mounting straps altogether when not in use.

Other features of the Claw Mini include strips of reflective material at the back and on the sides; a removable and adjustable shoulder strap; and mounting straps with easy double D operation - one for the rear, and two upfront. The Claw Mini also comes with non-removal, hard wearing booties - or bottom bumpers as Viaterra likes to call them - to protect the bag from excessive wear when placed on the ground.

What’s Next?

KTM 390 Adventure Rear View

We will now see what and how much the Claw Mini can hold; how easy or tedious it is to install on motorcycles, and a scooter; and if it’s one of those tail bags you can leave on the bike instead of pulling it off after every tour. We’d like to find out if it is the better ‘Claw’ to go for compared to its slightly more expensive, but twice as roomy, 72-litre sibling. All this and more, in the reports to follow. 

Product Details

Make: ViaTerra

Model Claw Mini Tail Bag

Type: Motorcycle Luggage

Price: Rs 3,899


Photography by Kaustubh Gandhi


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