Triumph Bonneville Bobber Mileage

As per ARAI, the average of Bonneville Bobber is 21.7 kmpl. With a fuel tank capacity of 12 litres, this bike can go upto 260 kms on full tank. While ARAI mileage figures are achieved under ideal test conditions, the real mileage may vary because of driving conditions and riding habits of riders.

Bonneville Bobber Average

ARAI certified mileage
ARAI certified mileage
21.7 kmpl

Where does Bonneville Bobber stand among cruisers?

  • 73 %

    Bonneville Bobber has better ARAI mileage than 73% of cruisers

  • 20 kmpl

    Average ARAI mileage among cruisers

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Fuel Cost Calculator

We help you calculate fuel expenses which you will incur by using Triumph Bonneville Bobber. To check your monthly fuel expenses you just have to enter distance in kms you travel in a day and fuel price in your area. As per current inputs, monthly fuel cost for Bonneville Bobber with mileage of 21 kmpl is ₹ 2428.

Your monthly running cost :

₹ 2428 / per month

Bonneville Bobber Price in India

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Bonneville Bobber Mileage User Reviews


(2 Ratings) 1 Reviews

A machine with a style statement

14 weeks ago


Not a general concept bike, this is kind of style statement happy to own one has its own set of issues and limitation like all bikes but it do gives that adrenaline rush in signal to signal push. Just me and the bike that's all.
Not for touring or offroading but city and short highway burst anytime of the day, apparently gives a good mileage just highway 25-24 km/ltr and city 17-18 and bumper to bumper 14 on worst case case scenario

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Triumph Bonneville Bobber Mileage FAQs

Q: What is the average of Triumph Bonneville Bobber?
ARAI mileage of Bonneville Bobber is 21.7 kmpl.

Q: How can I get the best mileage from Triumph Bonneville Bobber?
Extracting the best fuel economy involves practicing various techniques like judiciously modulating the throttle, limiting excessive gearshifts in case of geared motorcycles and turning-off the engine while you are idling in traffic.

Q: What is the monthly fuel cost for Triumph Bonneville Bobber?
Assuming fuel price ₹ 102.25 per liter and an average running of 500 km/month, the monthly fuel cost for Bonneville Bobber is ₹2428 per month. Click here to calculate your monthly fuel cost.
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