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Zapp i300 electric scooter introduced in the UK

17 November 2019, 05:40 PM Janak Sorap
Zapp i300 electric scooter introduced in the UK

- Power output equivalent to a 300cc internal combustion-engined scooter

- Features two removable battery packs, each weighing 5kg

- Built around a load-bearing aerospace-grade single-piece aluminium chassis

With the world moving towards electric mobility, several manufacturers big or small have started introducing their range of EV products. Not wanting to be late for the party, British-based company called Zapp has announced that its i300 electric scooter is ready to hit the market. The significant part is that the electric scooter is claimed by the manufacturer to have electric performance equivalent to that of a 300cc internal combustion-engined scooter.

Zapp has opted for a very modern and innovative approach with the design of the i300. While some might find it odd, others are likely to find the design quite an eye turner. The e-scooter has been built around a load-bearing aerospace-grade single-piece aluminium chassis that offers a clean, sculpted design that is also extremely light on the scale. Zapp has performed wind tunnel testing with the i300, claiming it is the only electric scooter in the market to have undergone this test. Notably, the front fender on the i300 is interchangeable with different coloured panels. Besides that, the i300 comes with a high-resolution screen positioned between the handlebar providing detailed information on the e-scooters health.

Ather 450 Instrument cluster

Powering the i300 is an air-cooled, interior permanent rare earth magnet electric motor that is capable of churning out 14kW of max power and 587Nm of peak torque in Zapp mode. The power is transmitted to the rear wheels via a carbon fibre belt drive that does not snap or cause any power losses. Providing electrical power to this powertrain is a pair of removable slim design lithium-ion battery packs, weighing 5 kg each. On a full charge, which is achieved under four hours, the i300 is rated to achieve a top speed of 96kmph while the claimed acceleration is 0-50kmph in 2.35 seconds while 0-70kmph stands at 4.10 seconds.

Considering the compact design of the scooter, Zapp is offering the i300 with optional luggage shelf and a hard luggage bin which can be purchased separately. Each is designed to accommodate an extra battery pack which allows the user to further extend the e-scooter’s range. Besides that, the luggage compartment can accommodate a travel charger and two Zapp’s proprietary branded open-face helmets.

Zapp is offering the i300 with the choice of six paint scheme and has priced the e-scooter according to the colour scheme selected. Currently, the i300 is only on sale in the European market through the company’s official website. As for the Indian market, the Zapp i300 is not expected to reach our shores anytime soon.

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Ather 450

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