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Harley-Davidson announces family of electric bikes

30 July 2018, 06:14 PM Charles Pennefather
Harley-Davidson announces family of electric bikes

- The Livewire will remain the halo product

- 2021/22 will see two middleweight electric bikes debut

- Two models that are like ‘high power mountain bikes’ will join as well

Harley-Davidson has announced that the Livewire is just the beginning of its electric range of motorcycles. That product will remain the halo brand, and that is why it will retain premium positioning and pricing. It still won’t commit to power or range figures for the Livewire, but the company promises that neither will be cause for concern. 

The range will expand with four more models in the years following the Livewire’s launch. 2021/22 will see the launch of two middleweight electric bikes. These will be in the same vein as the Livewire, presumably, and will cater to those who are looking for fun and practicality in equal measure. They would also make good performance products in markets like India, where something like a Livewire might be too big, powerful and expensive to be realistic for a majority of the population. 

In addition to these middleweight products will be two more products that will be more e-bikes than motorcycles in the traditional sense of the word. They will look like mountain terrain bicycles with electric motors to propel them. They will see use as urban mobility solutions in cities where the self-hire of vehicles to go from point A to B is common. Essentially, they will be two-wheeled Zoom cars for short trips within a city. 

Unfortunately Harley’s electric range doesn’t hold much meaning for the Indian market at this point of time, but with the Indian government promising to electrify the vehicle population in the country, we could possibly see these products helping out. 

Harley does have other plans for markets like India, which you can read about here.

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