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User Reviews of BMW R 1250 GS [2018-2019]

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2 years ago by Imtiyaz422 views

The ride quality is amazingly cool, while riding the bike at low speeds too, the balance of the bike remains awesome. It does not complain if you are driving in the first two gears, this is something very common on mumbai roads while commuting to the office everyday. Have driven it for over 100kms till now and i am enjoying every minute of it. I am not a biker at heart and wanted to try a higher cc bike, although the price of this bike is on the higher side, but it is worth every penny.The turning radius of this bike is larger than the smaller ones but in a day or two you get used to it. The rear view mirrors are foldable. The daylight running light (low beam) is too powerful and even the tiniest of the potholes are visible at night. The high beam is most of the times not required at least in the city driving.Gear shifting is a pleasure with the slipper clutch. The engine braking can be put to good use while downshifting.I am a little concerned about driving during the rainy season as there is no abs version for this bike. The colours available are white and green. While ninja lovers will abide with the signature green colour i will strongly recommend the white colour. The pillion riding is not good and comfortable at all. Do not plan to take the bike in case you are married, this could result in one of the reasons for an altercation, my case the ride with my wife is for only 10 kms so i took a chance. This is a bike which believes in the saying with great power (39hp) comes great responsibility, it gives you a lot of control while riding and does not tempt you to go higher up in the revs. During the test drive itself i could gauge that.The crash protector is a must for this bike this is not only for the bike but also important for your foot so that the 172kgs beast does not pulverise it.Final words Riding this bike is sheer pleasure. The moment the bike starts rolling the twin parallel engines revs give an awesome combination of vibration and controlled acceleration. Of course you will be the first one to be seen after the signal turns green the 0 to 60kms in less than 6 secs. Overall a very good bike gives a big bike feel and stands apart from almost all the bikes.Areas of improvement. Can come up with the abs version this will also help in controlled braking during the rainy season. The pillion rider seat can be ergonomically designed better. Pros: Looks, control, ride quality. Cons: Price, no abs version available.

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300 km you have to change oil.

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