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Tork Kratos electric motorcycle: Variants explained

28 January 2022, 01:12 PM Suvil Susvirkar
Tork Kratos electric motorcycle: Variants explained

Tork Motors has announced the launch of the new Kratos electric motorcycle in the Indian market. This new electric vehicle is available in two variants – standard and R. Both models are distinguished through their respective colour options and specifications. Here we explain the differences between the new Kratos and the Kratos R.

Different Colours

The key visual distinguisher between the two variants of the Kratos is its colour palette. The base model is available in white colour option only. The Kratos R, on the other hand, can be bought in four paint choices – white, red, blue, and black. Apart from more colour options, the Kratos R also boasts an ‘R’ badge to distinguish it from the base model.

Tork Kratos Left Front Three Quarter

Power and Torque Differences

The Krator R packs better power and torque output than the base model. The electric motor on the standard Tork Kratos makes a peak power output of 7.5kW or 10.05bhp and a maximum torque of 28Nm. In comparison, the Kratos R produces a maximum power output of 9kW or 12.06bhp and a peak torque of 38Nm.

Acceleration and Top Speed

The standard Kratos accelerates from 0-40kmph in four seconds before achieving its top speed of 100kmph. The R variant, which boasts a higher power and torque output, is claimed to achieve a top speed of 105kmph and a 0-40kmph acceleration time of 3.5 seconds, making it 5kmph faster and 0.5 second quicker than the base version.

Charging and Battery Range

Despite the differences in performance, the company claims an identical battery range for both variants. The 4kWH, IP67 certified, lithium-ion battery pack is claimed to deliver an IDC (Indian Driving Cycle) range of 180km. The company claims a real-life range of 120km per charge. Check out the mode-wise range below:

- Eco: 120km

- City: 100km

- Sports: 70km

The R variant boasts fast charging capabilities, and Tork Motors claims a 0-80 per cent charge in one hour. The Kratos R owners can avail free access to Tork’s charging network for two years.

Tork Kratos Left Front Three Quarter


Both variants pack a wide range of features. The R variant, however, gets additional features that give it an edge over the base model. The standard features on the Kratos and the Kratos R include digital instrument cluster, multi drive modes, regenerative braking, full-LED lighting, mobile app connectivity, in-app navigation, USB charging, anti-theft system, active throttle control, safe home feature, remote charge status, crash alert, ride analytics, guide me home, and vacation mode. The additional features on the Kratos R comprise geo-fencing, motor walk assist, charging point location, track mode, track mode analytics, and smart analytics.

Prices and Availability

The new Kratos and the Kratos R have been priced at Rs 1,92,499 and Rs 2,07,499 (ex-showroom, Pune before subsidies), respectively. Post subsidy, the price for the base model comes down to Rs 1,07,999 while the R variant retails at Rs 1,22,999. Tork Motors will roll out the Kratos electric motorcycle in a phased manner. The company has announced that the electric motorcycle will be available in Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Ahmedabad, and Delhi in the first phase.

Tork Kratos

Tork Kratos

  • Mileage - Owner Reported95 kmpl
  • Kerb Weight140 kg
  • ;

Avg. Ex-showroom price

₹ 1,22,582

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