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RR Global Takes the World of EVs by Storm with BGauss Electric Scooters

04 March 2021, 06:05 PM BGauss (Sponsored)
RR Global Takes the World of EVs by Storm with BGauss Electric Scooters


RR Global, a USD 800 million conglomerate, is known all over the world for its range of electrical cables, automated multilevel car parking systems, electric switchgear, fans, appliances, and more. With a focus on solving urban mobility woes, the company has ventured into the electric two-wheeler space with the introduction of BGauss – The Future of Urban Mobility.

RR Global has launched two electric scooters in India, the BGauss B8, and the BGauss A2. The B8 is the flagship smart electric scooter for easy and efficient city commutes. The A2 is BGauss’ solution for a long-range city scooter that offers the best of both worlds – long-range and electric mobility. So, should you jump on the electric scooter bandwagon? Well, here we list out five reasons why BGauss should be your next electric scooter.

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1. No Range Anxiety

Range anxiety is the biggest hindrance while buying an electric scooter. However, BGauss has you covered here as the B8 offers a range of 70km on a full charge, while the A2 covers 75km on a full charge. So, the BGauss e-scooters can be used for work commutes, grocery shopping or running errands. What’s more, both the e-scooters are offered with two battery options – Li-Ion and Lead Acid, so there’s a BGauss for everyone.

The BGauss B8 Li-Ion variant takes 2 hours to charge the battery pack from 0-80 per cent, and 3 hours for a full charge (0-100 per cent). The Lead-Acid variant takes 5-6 hours to charge from 0-80 per cent and 7-8 hours for a full charge.

The BGauss A2 Li-Ion variant, on the other hand, can be charged from 0-80 per cent in 2.5 hours and 0-100 per cent in 4.5 hours, while the Lead Acid battery variant takes 5-6 hours and 7-8 hours respectively.

With battery charging taken care of, range anxiety is a non-issue with BGauss. But, what makes it an exciting deal is that the Li-Ion battery, on both e-scooters, is removable and can be charged anywhere using a normal 3-pin wall socket. And, if you are still skeptical about the e-scooters, BGauss is offering a 3-year warranty on the motor, battery pack and vehicle, for the Li-Ion variants.

2. Performance

The BGauss B8 comes packed with a 1900Watt Bosch BLDC motor that offers a peak torque of 94.6Nm and a top speed of 50kmph. This means you will never lag behind in traffic, and the humongous torque means instant overtaking capability.

The BGauss A2 gets a 250W BLDC motor that gets IP67 water and dust resistance. It allows the scooter to propel to a top speed of 25kmph and a long range of 75km. The A2 is an ideal intra-city long-distance commuter e-scooter that requires no license and registration.

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3. Super Convenient Features

The BGauss B8 and A2 are smart e-scooters that offer technologically advanced features like push-button start, reverse mode, USB charging, side stand sensor, find your scooter, remote lock/unlock, anti-theft alarm, anti-theft motor locking, etc.

4. Fun, Stable And Safe

The BGauss A2 and B8 are extremely fun machines and make for an able handler. This is highlighted by the telescopic forks up front and hydraulic spring-loaded shocks at the rear. The suspension setup makes for a comfortable ride in the city, and that along with CBS (combined braking system) and disc brakes at both ends, makes the BGauss e-scooters show ‘stoppers’ in every sense.

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5. Water Wading

Now, an electric scooter is a combination of an electric motor and a battery pack. And, in the Indian riding conditions, an electric scooter has to endure through a lot, especially water-clogged streets during monsoons. Well, BGauss has taken care of this aspect as well, as both the e-scooters come with a water wading capability of 120mm. This makes it easy to deal with difficult road conditions and get out of such situations smoothly.

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With the introduction of the BGauss A2 and B8 electric scooters, RR Global has a smart and comfortable alternative to fossil-fuel gulping scooters. These are not only affordable and help you save big money on your daily fuel costs, but also aid in saving nature and the environment. What’s more, the BGauss A2 comes with an added bonus of not requiring to pay any registration fees or having a driving licence.

BGauss B8

BGauss B8

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