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Suzuki Access 125 BS6: Road Test Review

08 January 2020, 06:00 PM Janak Sorap


Suzuki Access 125 Action

Pros: Peppy and refined motor, material quality continues to be good

Cons: No pass light, hazard lamp or handbrake inclusion

In the premium 125cc scooter segment, the Suzuki Access 125 has been leading the pack for several years now. Since its inception in 2007, it has managed to strike a sweet balance between performance, styling and comfort. And, over the years, with every new iteration, Suzuki has made this scooter an even better product.

Now, the company has brought in the BS6 version which, besides the updated motor, receives a bunch of knick-knacks to go with the package. Having spent a good amount of time on the saddle of the Access 125 BS6, here’s a detailed road test review of Suzuki’s first BS6 compliant product in the Indian two-wheeler market.


Suzuki Access 125 Right Front Three Quarter

At first glance, the differences between the BS4 and BS6 versions are barely noticeable. But, as you pay more attention, there are a couple of changes you’ll come across. First up is the full-LED headlamp which sits flush in the same slot. Next, as you move around and get to the saddle, you’ll realize that the analogue-digital instrument console has been revised and now features colour changing bars on either side of the speedometer representing the new Eco-assist feature. The digital unit continues to display information like the odometer, two trip meters, fuel gauge, clock and now also shows the battery voltage. Along with these changes, Suzuki has also added bar-end weights and a new ignition button that makes it easier to crank the motor.

Suzuki Access 125

Suzuki Access 125

  • Displacement124 cc
  • Mileage - Owner Reported48 kmpl
  • Max Power(bhp)8.6 bhp
  • Kerb Weight104 kg
  • ;

Avg. Ex-showroom price

₹ 77,159

Suzuki Access 125 Switchgear

While all these changes and additions are a pleasant welcome, there are a couple of aspects that Suzuki has missed out on. For instance, compared to its competition, the Access 125 misses out on a handbrake, dedicated pass switch, underseat lighting and hazard switch. Yes, these might be small things but they do make a huge difference in real-world conditions. However, the fit-finish and the quality of the material used continue to be good. The switchgear is tactile and easy to operate while the overall build quality evokes solidity and seems long-lasting.


Suzuki Access 125 Action

When it comes to comfort, the Access 125 offers a neutral riding stance that is approachable for most type of riders. While this setup remains largely untouched, Suzuki has tweaked it for added comfort and accessibility. The seat is now slightly longer and the floorboard has been enlarged allowing more space to store luggage and other bits. Even the underseat storage has been increased which can now accommodate a half-face helmet.

Suzuki Access 125 Front Wheel & Tyre

Besides that, the handlebar is easy to reach, the taper of the seat towards the front allows one to firmly rest the feet on the ground and the clearance between the knees and handlebar is good while taking u-turns. The Access 125 BS6 continues to be suspended by telescopic forks up front and a monoshock for the rear. This setup does a commendable job at ironing out road undulations and even potholes by a considerable margin. The ride quality feels plush when at cruising speeds and is equally agile when it comes to switching lanes. The BS6 variant features the same 12-inch front and 10-inch rear alloy wheel arrangement. Our scooter came shod with unidirectional Maxxis tyres that made a world of a difference when making quick manoeuvres or stopping.


Suzuki Access 125 Action

Being a 125cc scooter, the Access 125 has been known for its brisk performance and refinement. Suzuki has updated the motor to make it BS6 compliant which means it now gets a fuel injection technology and a larger catalytic converter. This has resulted in a marginal bump in max power which now stands at 8.5bhp, a hike of 0.1bhp, while the peak torque gets a slight cut of 0.2Nm and is now rated at 10Nm. Notably, the updates have resulted in more refinement.

Suzuki Access 125 Action

Off the line, the scooter feels more alert and eager to attain speed. The power delivery is linear and feels consistent with no flat spots at any given point. On the full clip, the Access 125 BS6 manages to reach the 90kmph mark without any stress. Beyond that, the needle moves slowly before attaining the triple-digit mark. When it comes to corners, the scooter continues to be prompt and agile. A slight counter-steer on the bars and it is ready to dive into the corner with confidence. 


Suzuki Access 125 Headlamp

The Access 125 has always been a subtle 125cc scooter that does not intend to grab too much attention. It has a digital meter that packs all the necessary information and it now comes with an all-LED headlamp that offers a good spread and illumination even at night. The colour changing feature of the Eco-assist function looks cool especially when the colour transitions from blue to green as you start cruising.

Suzuki Access 125 Fuel Filler Lid

For the BS6 version, Suzuki has shifted the fuel filler lid on the outside for easier access. Now, while it doesn't require the seat to be opened, the rider still needs to take the key out of the ignition, dismount from the seat and then open the fuel cap. A direct flip of the key up front to actuate a flap that covers the fuel filler cap would have been much better.

Fuel Efficiency

Suzuki Access 125 Action

Now, 125cc scooters are usually bought by buyers who are a bit easy on fuel efficiency numbers. Surprisingly, the carb version returned an amazing mileage of 60kmph in our previous tests and this one just took the game a notch ahead as it managed to return a figure of 63.83kmph. Which means, with a full tank, the Access 125 will offer a comfortable range of little more than 300kms.

Fitness of Purpose

Suzuki Access 125 Action

Even with the BS6 update, the Access 125 continues to be a feisty yet elegant scooter. The motor is now all the more refined, the seating and floor space are roomier and with new features added to the kitty, it just makes a good product even better.

Our Take

Suzuki is offering the BS6 Access 125 in four variants. With prices starting at Rs 64,800 for the base model with drum brakes and steel alloys, the top-of-the-line Special Edition trims, like the one in these images, retail at Rs 69,500 (both ex-showroom). Over its BS4 counterparts, the BS6 version demands a price hike of about Rs 6000, which is more or less at par with the price hike received by most of its rivals. However, we do feel that Suzuki could have managed a direct flap for the fuel lid and the small utility features for the same price.

Suzuki Access 125 Action

All said and done, the Suzuki Access 125 BS6 continues to be a well-put-together 125cc scooter. It offers a comfortable riding position, a more refined motor with fuel-injection and good build quality which makes it a valuable proposition to consider in the 125cc scooter segment.

Photography by Kaustubh Gandhi


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