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Grand Pitstop Air Comfy Seat Review: Does it work?

20 August 2021, 05:12 PM Abhishek Nigam


Grand Pitstop Air Comfy Seat Review

We already gave an introduction to the Air Comfy Seat and you can read about it here. What we have explained here is how easy is it is to fit on the bike and answered the important question, does it work?

The Fitting

Grand Pitstop Air Comfy Seat Review

This is the easiest part. Now the air comfy seat is exactly the shape of the seat of the Royal Enfield Classic and is the easiest to fit on that motorcycle since it has split seats. But since my motorcycle is a Bullet 500, it’s got a single seat across the length of the bike. But even then it’s not much of a hassle.  

Grand Pitstop Air Comfy Seat Review
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To secure the air comfy seat in place you get two, high quality straps. These straps come with a buckle for adjusting the tightness and once done will keep the air comfy seat firm in its place. The belts go from underneath the seat and latch on to the edge of the air comfy seat as you can see in the pictures.  

Grand Pitstop Air Comfy Seat Review

Once secured firmly, one needs to use the air pump on the side and fill the desired amount of air according to one’s comfort. The air pump works very effectively and fills up the seat pad quickly enough.   

Grand Pitstop Air Comfy Seat Review

The only grouse is that in a bid to make it compact, the air pump itself is quite small, too small for most hands. Deflating the air is quicker, as expected. One just needs to loosen the screw and the air starts deflating.

Does it work?

Grand Pitstop Air Comfy Seat Review

If you go by the name, and you expect the air comfy seat to transform the ride quality into a magic carpet ride, well I’ve got news for you, it doesn’t. And when you sit on it for the first time it does feel odd. In the beginning it almost feels like you are sitting on a foreign object.   

Grand Pitstop Air Comfy Seat Review

Then of course, there is the movement, which again also feels quite odd at first. One needs to play around with the air in the seat to get the right feel and that takes a little time. But that’s about it. Once you get the right feel, the air comfy seat shows its real worth.    

Grand Pitstop Air Comfy Seat Review

What is immediately noticeable is how well the seat cushions the bumps. Be it a succession of bumps or a single large one, the air comfy seat acts like an air pad between the seat and the derriere. To make sure it really works, I used it on a 300km ride where for the first 150km, I did not use the air comfy seat, but once the irritation started setting in, I put it on at the next halt. 

It definitely made a big difference and the rest of the 100 plus kilometres could be covered with a lot more comfort. So yes it definitely works. The seat distributes pressure evenly and eliminates painful pressure points and numbness. The air ventilation reduces heat and moisture build-up and the cushion absorbs vibrations and shock.  

Grand Pitstop Air Comfy Seat Review

Now the Air Comfy Seat will work with most bikes and will offer the same amount of comfort, but with sportier bikes, I see it being a slight hindrance if you like to shift your weight when attacking corners. But on the straights it will work without issues on most motorcycles.

Do you need the Air Comfy Seat?

Grand Pitstop Air Comfy Seat Review

If you love to ride long distances and are faced by the issue of painful buttocks like me, the Air Comfy Seat works superbly. Another thing I’d like to mention is that the Air Comfy Seat is not just for long rides. Even during long commutes, the horrible city roads give our bodies an absolute beating and this is where the Air Comfy Seat can work wonders as well. What also helps is how easy it is to put and remove which means you can just carry it with you too.  

Grand Pitstop Air Comfy Seat Review

If you think that your motorcycle seat is too hard or too soft and is a pain in the buttocks, we highly recommend the Grand Pitstop Air Comfy Seat. What's also great is that you get a pillion seat-sized cushion to keep your pillion comfortable too. 

Product Details

Make: Grand Pitstop

Model: Air Comfy Seat

Model: Air Comfy Pillion Seat

Price: Rs 2,499

Photos by Kautubh Gandhi