A naked bike that can turn into a cruiser

15 March 2014, 10:17 AMPratheek Kunder
A naked bike that can turn into a cruiser


We always say change is the only constant. Till now this has been applicable in everyone’s day to day life. What if I tell you, you can buy a naked bike that can transform into a cruiser? A new bike design has been patented that can change shape, without actually modifying the architecture of its chassis. However, the patent is currently limited to electric motorcycles. 

This patent shows that the bike has a fixed chassis, just like any production motorcycle. However, the rear section of the bike is mobile. The motor and the swingarm are mounted using special joints, and their position relative to the chassis can be modified. A joint in the upper part of the frame, just behind the steering neck, and others in the lower midship allow the whole power unit and the swingarm to change position, altering the riding geometry. The fork pitch setting is changed as per the swingarm and rider and not as per the frame .This provides the rider with two different riding positions. 

This is a very interesting technology that has been developed. But we think it will take many years to officially make it to global mass production.

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