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Why should I book my bike at BikeWale?

Booking is the only way to immediately block the offers that come with a particular bike on BikeWale. Once you book your bike at BikeWale, you become entitled to avail any offers mentioned against the bike model, along with securing the mentioned price for the bike. Since most offers are limited in number and available for a limited period, you should use booking option to secure them before they expire.

How can I book a bike on BikeWale?

To book a bike, you have to pay a fixed booking amount online mentioned against the vehicle of your interest. This amount will be adjusted in the total on-road price of the bike. Your payment gets transferred to BikeWale through a fully-secured payment gateway.

What happens when I book a bike on BikeWale?

On successful receipt of the booking payment, we will immediately send you a Booking Confirmation receipt on your email and SMS, which contains the following information:

  1. Details of your payment
  2. Details of your selected bike (model, version) and the vehicle pricing
  3. Contact details of assigned dealership who will be responsible to complete further formalities and deliver the vehicle
  4. List of offers that you just secured by booking

What happens to the money I pay while booking?

The money that you pay for booking is further transferred to the assigned bike dealership from which you are supposed to purchase the vehicle. This money will be adjusted against the final on-road price of the vehicle, i.e. you have to pay only the remaining amount to the dealership.

How is the dealership assigned for purchase? Can I change the dealership that has been assigned?

We assign a dealership for your purchase within network of our partner dealerships. Dealership’s name and contact details are mentioned while booking, so you know which dealer you are booking your bike with. You will not be able to change the dealership that has been assigned to you.

Will the dealer call me when I book?

Yes, you will get a call from the assigned dealership after you have booked a bike on BikeWale to schedule your visit to dealership. You will be required to go to the dealership to complete the remaining procedure and take delivery of the vehicle. Please carry the print out of Booking Confirmation, required documents for RTO / Bank Loan, remaining payment amount etc to the dealership to avoid multiple visits. You can yourself call the dealership on the mentioned contact numbers to fix-up a visit. We do send dealership contact details on your email and SMS, apart from showing them on website.

Can I book the bike for others, for example my family member?

Yes, you can book vehicle for your near and dear ones.

I have booked a model. Now I want to change it to another model?

We recommend you to thoroughly make up your mind for the vehicle you wish to purchase before you proceed for booking. You should avoid changing it later. However, if you still wish to change the model that you have booked on BikeWale, you can reach out to the dealership mentioning the BikeWale booking reference number, your mobile number (that you used while booking), along with the new model you now wish to book. If the vehicle is available with the dealership then he may allow you to change the model. However, it is at the dealer's discretion whether this change is permitted. Should you have any concerns regarding changing the bike model with the dealership, please feel free to write to us at

Will I be charged any fee for online booking?

No, BikeWale does not charge any fee for booking. The full amount you pay is accounted for against the purchase price of the vehicle and gets adjusted in the final payment.

I want to cancel the booking. How can I do that? What happens to the refund?

BikeWale strongly recommends you to carefully select your bike before booking. However, you still have the option to cancel a booking in case you change your mind. To cancel the booking, you will have to reach out to the dealership and inform about the cancellation request mentioning booking reference number and your mobile number (that you used while booking). For all valid cancellation requests, full booking amount will be refunded back to you by the dealership. Should you have any concerns regarding cancelling your booking, please feel free to write to us at
The important conditions for cancellation are following:

  1. Cancellation must be requested within 15 days of booking the vehicle.
  2. Cancellation will not be possible if you and dealership have proceeded further with purchase of the vehicle. These conditions include payment of additional amount directly to the dealership, submitting any documents, procurement of vehicle by the dealership etc.
  3. If the dealer has initiated the procurement of the bike based upon your booking, cancellation will not be possible.

When will I get my money refunded, once I request cancellation?

Upon requesting a cancellation with the dealership, the dealership will initiate the refund process. The booking amount will be refunded to you within 15 working days.

Will I be charged any fee for cancellation?

No, there is no fee for cancellation. Full booking amount will be refunded to you within 15 working days.

What are the mandatory documents that I need to carry to the dealership?

The documents include any Govt. Photo ID proof of the person on which the bike will be registered (PAN Card, Driving License etc.), Any Govt. Address Proof of the person on which the bike will be registered, Two photographs, Additional documents for Finance options (Last 6-months bank statement, last year’s Income Tax Return Copies etc)

The full list of documents is mentioned on our website in booking process and also sent to your email address in the booking confirmation email.

Where do I have to pay the balance amount? How much will it be?

You will pay the balance amount directly to the assigned dealership during your visit to the showroom. The booking amount will be adjusted in the final on-road price of the vehicle.

Can I change the colour preference post visiting the dealership?

Yes you can. However, please note that different colour versions might have different pricing / availability / waiting periods and some colour variants might even not be available from the manufacturers end. Dealership will provide the exact details on your visit to dealership.

How will I get the benefits of the offers?

Depending upon the offer, you will get the benefit of some offers directly at the dealership, while taking delivery. Such offers may include cash-back benefit, exchange bonus, free bike accessories, free bike insurance etc. Other offers will be delivered to you when you inform us about completion of your purchase by filling in a short form, which will be available on our website and shall be sent to your email as link. We will verify the purchase with dealership, and immediately ship the offer benefits to the provided address.

Can I book more than one bikes on BikeWale?

Yes. There is no limit to the number of bookings allowed on BikeWale.