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User Reviews of PURE EV EPluto

Overall rating:1.7 / 53 ratings

Review on pure epluto

7 months ago by Skp965 views

Low speed vehicle (epluto)after purchasing review, after 1 month:
1. Appearance is really good, looks like a Vespa, that's it
1. Huge sound in battery cabinet, no proper fixture to hold the battery, so it's keep on jumping, so much of sound like you are putting some rock in your dickey
2. The worst part is charging time is very high, it takes 5.5 hrs. for charging for full charge, show room people told 3-4 hours..
3. There are 6 bars on charging indicator, pick up is ok till 4 bars, 5th and 6th bar pick up is very poor. Not happy
4. Company claims 85 kms but it gives only 73 kms.
5. Quality of the bike is very poor, material in the parts getting rust.
6. Side stand is very poor, its getting bend when we park on side stand. Some times its felling down
7. The paint/prints getting pealed of after 1 month, you cannot see the indications prints on dash board and back support.
8. Poor quality tires and shock absorbers, shock absorbers don't absorb shocks properly, you will be keep on jumping for small bumps and pits.
it heart your back for sure.
9. Warranty is pathetic, so many clauses and points, with which you cannot claim the warranty in coming future,
Please don't trust the warranty.
Conclusion: do not purchase this brand, please try another brand. If you still wants to purchase its upto you,
But I request you to please take a written confirmation on 1. Mileage, 2. Battery charging,
3.Warrenty clauses etc on paper or record when they say something.

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