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Okinawa introduces Eco App for iPraise Plus and Ridge Plus e-scooters

29 September 2020, 04:15 PM Anuj Mishra
Okinawa introduces Eco App for iPraise Plus and Ridge Plus e-scooters

- Okinawa launches mobile application called the ‘Eco App’

- Compatible only with i-Praise Plus and Ridge Plus electric scooters

- Available in android as well as iOS versions

Okinawa, the Gurugram-based electric two-wheeler manufacturer, has introduced a new smartphone application called the Eco App for its connected scooters including the i-Praise Plus and the Ridge Plus. This application is aimed at increasing the safety quotient of these electric scooters and is available for android as well as iOS users. 

Okinawa Ridge Plus app

Firstly, the mobile app helps the owner track down their scooter parked at a distance by showing its location on Google Maps in road and satellite view. Interestingly, the owner can also make the scooter immobile remotely through the app in case it’s stolen. There’s a ‘Secure Park’ function too which notifies the user if an unauthorised person moves the scooter away from its parking spot in the absence of the owner. Furthermore, the ‘SOS Messaging’ feature of the application also helps in critical situations by sending a message with time and location to the user’s emergency contacts.

Okinawa Ridge Plus exterior

The Eco App comprises of a few fancy features as well. For  instance, if the owner wants to track their riding pattern, the app also records certain incidents like over speeding, hard braking, aggressive acceleration and turnings. What’s more, it also allows one to set alerts regarding speeding, low battery and towing. 

The i-Praise Plus and Ridge Plus belong to Okinawa’s lithium-ion high-speed category of electric scooters. While the former is priced at Rs 1.09 lakh, the latter is pegged at Rs 73,417 (both prices are ex-showroom). 

Okinawa Ridge Plus

Avg. Ex-showroom price

₹ 67,030

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