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Kawasaki working on automatic gearbox

11 June 2021, 05:27 AM Pratheek Kunder
Kawasaki working on automatic gearbox

- New automatic gearbox under development 

- To make slow speed shifts seamless 

- Likely to debut in Ninja 1000

Kawasaki has been working on automatic gearbox that is likely to debut in its motorcycles in the next few years. This technology has been leaked through patent pictures and information.  

The idea behind this tech is to make quickshifters efficient while downshifting. Currently, quickshifters works the best at high speed shifts. But when it comes to slow speed transition, this tech tend to be a bit jerky and not smooth. Kawasaki is planning to overcome this issue by adding an automated clutch and gearbox control unit to the system.  

Right Side View

According to the leaked patent pictures, the Japanese firm will use data from the ECU, engine and vehicle speed, gear position, shift sensor and throttle position sensor to make this system work flawlessly. In fact, they will consider coolant temperature and atmospheric pressure as well. At high speeds, this unit will work just like a quickshifter but at low speeds, the gearbox control unit will automatically actuate the clutch.  

This new gearbox system is likely to first make its debut on the Ninja 1000 as the company as used that bike to register the new patent. These pictures also reveal the lack of clutch lever.   

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