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Erik Buell Racing plans to restart motorcycle production

02 February 2016, 03:59 PM BikeWale Team
Erik Buell Racing plans to restart motorcycle production

Erik Buell Racing (EBR) had declared bankruptcy and ceased manufacturing in April 2015. But now, in an announcement, Liquid Asset Partners who acquired Erik Buell Racing said they are reviewing business options to continue production of the American motorcycles.

Back in 2015, it seemed that Erik Buell, the former Harley-Davidson employee and founder of Buell Motorcycles, would be shutting down the company for good. But in an announcement last week, EBR has been acquired in its entirety by Liquid Asset Partners based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. Liquid Asset Partners now controls all EBR 2012-2015 model years parts inventory, brand name, trademarks, operating licenses, patents, testing equipment, assembly lines and all future models that were under development during the time of acquisition. 

The latest news from EBR and Liquid Asset Partner suggests that they are now reviewing business options and searching for an individual or company to acquire EBR and continue production of the motorcycles. 

Erik Buell says: “This is indeed an incredible opportunity for a huge head start on getting an American sport motorcycle business going. I have to thank Bill Melvin Jr., Bill Sr., and the team at Liquid Asset Partners for seeing this and working toward activating the assets and building motorcycles again. It is also great that they have stepped up to immediately address parts availability for EBR owners. The old company had many of the pieces in place for success, and I am very energized by the opportunity to re-engage under a new corporation with the right ownership and focus.”

For current owners of the EBR RS, RX and SX models, the closing down was more than a bit of bad news. It meant that acquiring repair parts for those bikes was going to become exceedingly difficult. Liquid Asset Partners have said it will remedy that problem first. The management has taken steps to begin production on new RX and SX models. Their aim is to have 2016 EBR bikes on showroom floors by mid-March.

If the company becomes successful and plans to grow their export market. We could see an Erik Buell Racing motorcycle someday on our streets in India.

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