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Auto Fabrica BMW R80 Photo Gallery

08 November 2015, 12:42 PM Ranjan R. Bhat
Auto Fabrica BMW R80 Photo Gallery

Auto Fabrica is a well-known custom motorcycle shop based out of Essex. Popular for their stripped-down motorcycles and focus on weight reduction, Auto Fabrica’s latest project involved a BMW R80RT from the 1980s. Here is an interesting example of what happens when a British custom shop gets hold of a classic BMW motorcycle. 


The Type 10 carries Auto Fabrica’s customary clean look, achieved by ditching everything that is not essential, including the fairing. 


Stripped down to its bare essentials, the Auto Fabrica Type 10 gets a slightly front-biased look, thanks to the minimalistic rear section.


The tyre and the offset monoshock give the rear section a bare, yet elegant look. Their blacked-out theme complements the chromed engine black and exhaust.


The sculpted fuel tank is in its stock shape with a streamlined finish, and looks marvellous despite the absence of the standard R80 RT’s fairing.


The narrow seat blends with the bike’s character, but doesn’t seem very cosy. The exposed frame is in line with Auto Fabrica’s motif. 


Powering the Type 10 is a 797cc boxer engine. The exhaust system is made of serpentine stainless pipes with internal baffles. 


The boxer engine, with its horizontally opposed cylinder arrangement, is in itself a piece of art. Auto Fabrica has highlighted this by keeping it exposed.


The red acrylic fins at the end of the seat, which are a part of the tail lamp assembly, are one of the very few modern touches on the Type 10.

BMW R nineT [2018-2019]

BMW R nineT [2018-2019]

  • Displacement1,170 cc
  • Max Power(bhp)110 bhp
  • Kerb Weight222 kg
  • ;

Last known Avg. Ex-showroom price

₹ 17,78,546

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