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Ather Energy to cut off public charging at 80 per cent

13 March 2023, 09:46 AM Pratheek Kunder
Ather Energy to cut off public charging at 80 per cent

-         Ather Grids to cut off charging at 80 per cent 

-         Step taken to reduce waiting time 

Ather Energy has decided to restrict the charging time at all its public charging stations – Ather Grid. According to one software notification, all Ather Grids will charge their e-scooters to 80 per cent, before cutting the power off. 

Ather Energy decided to take this step for a few reasons, but the primary reason was to reduce the overall wait time. The charging time from 80 per cent to 100 per cent is slightly higher than the 0-80 per cent, and as a result, there’s unnecessary waiting time at its charging stations. This development will benefit a lot of riders because, in city riding conditions, owners don’t use the entire riding range daily. 

The company also confirmed that they would be disconnecting the solenoid, due to which charging won’t continue for safety reasons. The primary job of solenoids is to manage the flow of electricity to the battery. So, it could prove fatal if someone tries removing the charging plug when the solenoid is active. 

This step by Ather Energy is a great way to reduce the overall wait time at public charging stations. This will make EV owners more responsible, aid the general EV industry, and create a habit among the owners to fully charge their e-scooters at home or office charging points. Thus, the dependability on Ather Grids will reduce considerably.  

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