2016 BikeWale Track Day: road going bikes tested on track!

16 December 2016, 06:00 PM Charles Pennefather
2016 BikeWale Track Day: road going bikes tested on track!

At BikeWale, we always endeavour to bring you the latest news and prices, and the best possible reviews for the motorcycles you’re looking to buy. That involves riding them in many different conditions, many hours of hot, sweaty riding in traffic to make sure we get you real-world fuel efficiency, and riding to far-away places just so we can tell you how these bikes perform on the open road. However, there is one place we don’t usually go to – the racetrack.

There are but three racetracks in India, and none of them is easily accessible to a team based out of Mumbai. However, there exists a segment of consumers who will go that extra mile to purchase a motorcycle that shines on the Sundays that you visit your favourite section of twisty tarmac. There is no safer place than a racetrack to judge this, and so we made our way to the Madras Motor Sports Club near Chennai with four motorcycles that are fun on the road and should be good on a track to find out how much more of their ability we could exploit, given the ideal conditions. 

Here’s what we found

Ex-showroom, Mumbai


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