Commonwealth Motorcycles makes 236bhp Ducati Diavel Carbon Turbocharged

29 November 2012, 12:46 PMPratheek Kunder
Commonwealth Motorcycles makes  236bhp Ducati Diavel Carbon Turbocharged

Ducati Diavel’s 1200cc engine produces 162bhp which is quite a lot. But for some people, "quite a lot" just isn't enough. Kentucky based Commonwealth Motorcycles installed a Garret GT26R turbo unit into a Diavel after removing the stock silencer, producing a 236bhp Diavel. That's a power output that's worthy of the name, then. 

The experiment was done on a brand new Red Diavel Carbon with 0 km on the odometer. The exhaust and air box were designed and made by Commonwealth Motorcycle engineers to cope with the extra airflow requirements. 

With a Garret GT2860R turbo bolted on and running 8psi of boost, the Commonwealth turbo Diavel now packs 236 horsepower at 10,000rpm (measured at the rear wheel!) and 127Nm of torque at 8,000 revs. ‘We had been selling a few Diavels at the dealership and when I rode the bike, I fell in love, but I felt like there was something missing. With a long wheelbase and a big fat rear tyre, the Diavel is probably uniquely suited to handling even more power than the stock Testastretta engine kicks out since, unlike most other performance cruiser options, it has highly specialized suspension, wheels and brakes straight from the factory,’ says Chad. ‘I planned on being first one in the world to do this, and it looks like I am. I hope Ducati enthusiasts will enjoy it and be excited to see the finished product. I don’t think we will develop or sell kits, but you never know,’ he adds.

We are sure there is more to this than meets the eye, since turbocharging isn't a simple job, usually involving upgradation of many different things like the fuel pump, injectors, ECU, cooling system and even parts of the driveline. It is no wonder that Commonwealth aren't stating the price of the upgrade - and we're equally sure that Diavel customers who want the upgrade will be able to afford it.

Image Source: Commonwealth Motorycles

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