Confederate breaks naked motorcycle speed record

08 October 2012, 06:38 PMBikeWale Team
Confederate breaks naked motorcycle speed record

James Hoegh: physical therapist by day, and daredevil record-breaker by, er, weekend. Hoegh has broken the top speed record for an unfaired motorcycle by traversing the Bonneville Salt Flats at an average of 172.211mph (277.147kmph).

His weapon of choice was a Confederate Hellcat, well known in India for being owned by a certain Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Of course, it wasn't stock: the Hellcat was a prototype X132 with a 2163cc engine S&S XWedge engine that was tuned for maximum power with the help of plenty of performance parts.

277kmph isn't a speed that's easy to do even on a motorcycle with an aerodynamic fairing, so we're nothing but admiration for Hoegh, who managed to hang on to the bars through the wind blast. We wonder how long he'll be able to hang on to that record, though...

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