• India Exclusive : Kawasaki Z250

    India Exclusive : Kawasaki Z250

    Not every day an email pops up, which makes you realise the amount of fun you will have over the weekend. This happened to me last week, when India Kawasaki Motors asked me to pick up their new bike, the Z250 from their factory in Akurdi. I was excited, very excited! The reason was the inclusion of the alphabet “Z”, which recently has found home in the Indian super bike segment.  I am talking about the famed “Z” series motorcycles from Kawasaki.  In a matter of 12 months, India Kawasaki Motors launched two highly successful motorcycles – the Z1000 and the Z800. When we reviewed it, we came out very impressed and that had set the tone for the Z250 review, which is based on the bigger “Z” motorcycles. 

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